Stop taking pictures of your kids!

I think when photos took a lot more work and cost a lot more time and money to process, we took just the right amount of pictures. But ever since digital became the thing, it’s amazing to see how many pictures parents take of their kids.

At home on the couch, in the car, combing their hair, on the toilet. Some people even have their motor drive clicking away as their own baby is popping out.  “But honey, she looks so cute with that gash on her forehead from the playground.” And on and on.  It’s even grown worse with videotaping and flip videos.  Parents, grandparents, caregivers: please slow down.

Of course you want to take pictures and kids love cameras, especially when someone they love is behind it.  Why not start with “firsts?” First pictures with mommy. First night sleeping. Firsts with aunts, uncles, brother, sisters. And milestones, like first days at school or holidays yada yada.

I see so many people spend time documenting these moments of their children that that they aren’t really sharing the moment with them.  It’s kind of like writing a journal.  Would you write the journal while you’re in the middle of assembling a toy car with them or would you wait until you’re done?

Kids only have one childhood. And you have one shot at parenthood per child. As a kids photographer, I have a bunch of shots of my son. But the best pictures I have of my son are in my  iPhoto library that is my mind. I think in the long run, my son will feel the same way. Now step away from the computer and go do something with your child. And leave the camera behind.

Enjoy in moderation~Mike