One Hour

Time to spring ahead. One hour gone.  No one has given me a good answer why we do it.  So I thought I’d let you know what happens in an hour.

Every hour 14,698 babies will be born. We lose 3,600 acres of rainforest. Bill Gates will make $629,578.00.  6,507 will die from cancer worldwide. Americans will eat 4.1 acres of pizza. 25,000 iPads were sold at presale. Every hour you watch TV increases your risk of heart disease by 20%.  177.8 people will get married. The average person will blink 960 times. I will see 339 kids with their pants tied below their underwear on South Beach during Spring Break. Four people can find out if they could save money on car insurance with Geico. My son will tell me he’s hungry about twice. I will fall in love with Alicia Keys about 15 times. 1,137,500 tweets will be posted, about half by my prolific friend @elvisofdallas.

The only thing we are given is time. Make every hour count.

Postscript. Googling this stuff took about an hour. Your comments are always welcome here. ~Mike