Stop waving at me!

We all have our illnesses.  Mine is Jeep Wranglers. Don’t know what it is, but if I was in a relationship, you could call me the Tiger Woods of Jeep guys.

Been driving  Wranglers for a while.  Nice ride. Fun in the sun. Not showy.  Always a parking space if you get creative. Bang through the Everglades. Dents and dings become beauty marks.  No matter what that looming hurricane season may bring, I get where I gotta go.

Only one thing bugs me about it. Like a lot.  People in other Jeeps always wave at me!  Do I know you?  You’re 75 pal! You’re 18 little girl! Wait, I take that one back.  The kicker: the waving  goes  into hyper mode when the top is down.

So about two years ago I posted on Craigslist in the Rant & Raves section complaining about everyone waving at me.  Yeah I was trolling, but I reeled in a real good one.  Some guy fired back: “Look tough guy!  When you signed on the dotted line, you became a member of an exclusive club. Maybe you should drive a car with a little less heritage.  ASSHOLE.”

That’s the low-tech post for today. I’m done.

Now please someone comment and let me know why people wave at me.  I’m just trying to get where I gotta go.~Mike