Stop waving at me!

We all have our illnesses.  Mine is Jeep Wranglers. Don’t know what it is, but if I was in a relationship, you could call me the Tiger Woods of Jeep guys.

Been driving  Wranglers for a while.  Nice ride. Fun in the sun. Not showy.  Always a parking space if you get creative. Bang through the Everglades. Dents and dings become beauty marks.  No matter what that looming hurricane season may bring, I get where I gotta go.

Only one thing bugs me about it. Like a lot.  People in other Jeeps always wave at me!  Do I know you?  You’re 75 pal! You’re 18 little girl! Wait, I take that one back.  The kicker: the waving  goes  into hyper mode when the top is down.

So about two years ago I posted on Craigslist in the Rant & Raves section complaining about everyone waving at me.  Yeah I was trolling, but I reeled in a real good one.  Some guy fired back: “Look tough guy!  When you signed on the dotted line, you became a member of an exclusive club. Maybe you should drive a car with a little less heritage.  ASSHOLE.”

That’s the low-tech post for today. I’m done.

Now please someone comment and let me know why people wave at me.  I’m just trying to get where I gotta go.~Mike

13 thoughts on “Stop waving at me!

  1. They are waving because you waved at THEM first. It’s an illness. And for the record, I agree with what Chuck says. You LOVE it. #illness

  2. Mike, I noticed this a few years ago when I bought my Honda Element, way back when these cars and their distinctive design were relatively unusual. I took it as a “Hey, nice car! Aren’t we cool?” sort of thing; almost like a club membership.

    1. My friend had an Element for 4 years. I loved it! We called it the toaster. We waved at other toasters too. Actually, my son loves the wave…it’s fun for him. So it’s all good! Thanks for ringing in! ~Mike

  3. Because we live in an alienated society, and like the previous commenter said, “Being a Jeep owner makes you a member of an exclusive club.” Whether you like it or not. And that club helps make people connected, thus easing the alienation in but a small way.

    I guess you wont be buying a bike anytime soon, so you can tool down the “Alley” and drop yr arm when other fellow bikers pass by you.

    I eat pears, so when I am in the super in the produce section and see another person buy pears, I feel that “pear connection.”

    1. Well I learn something new every day. Didn’t know about drop your arm and bikers. And the “pear connection”? Funniest comment I’ve read! Thanks for that. (Waves) ~Mike

    1. Great question and thank you for it! This is very advanced question that requires subtle nuance in responding. The answer is far larger than the question.

      There are really three kind of driving waves that involve different/driver vehicle occupant finger combinations.

      1) The back country pick up truck wave. Generally the index finger and/or the index finger or the middle finger lift approx 4″ off the steering wheel. Honestly, I’m not certain on what’s happening in current quad cab waving/non waving patterns. Historically this has been a regular cab to regular cab phenomenon. Smiling is prohibited. 2) The Jeep wave can vary greatly. It can be all members of both vehicles. Driver to driver. With the top on or one equipped with the hardtop, waving usually stays confined to front passengers. With the top off, there are two many possible combination and iterations to list here. Smiling highly encouraged. 3) The Miami wave. Generally middle finger and requires and explanation to passenger children double quick.

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