The worst Miami Heat Tickets ever!

So my son’s uncle won some tickets at a sports store or something to a Heat game and we went last night.

Escalator up. Escalator up.  Escalator up.  Stairs up to the top level. Tickets were in the absolute last row!  No one could yell, “down in front” because there was NO ONE behind us.  We could have been Don King and Erykah Badu and no one would have said a thing.

Anyway, there we were gasping for air in the nosebleeds.  I wondered if this sports store was trying to impress a customer and was thinking that this is the textbook way not to do it.

So #1 son is miles away screaming like he is Erik Speolstra coaching on the sidelines. Turns out it didn’t make a difference what seats we had. He had a blast. He wore his Dwyane Wade #3 jersey and got to see D-Wade.

So next time you get “bad seats” they might just turn out to be the best seats in the house.

What do you think? Your comments are always welcome here. ~Mike