Pizza Street Cred

Tough place to get pizza street cred, the 305, 561 and the 954.  Lot of heavyweight pizza cognoscenti and aficionados. Doesn’t make a difference who you are, who you know or what you’ve won in the past.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I was selected to participate in the first annual #chevypizzacrawl brought to you by and Chevy. After all, I have attended every Pizza Tweetup since people were wearing “I Like Ike buttons.”

I wanted to send out a bit of advice to all those attending.

The Women:  Please wear light makeup as I will be driving the ‘Vette  and the Camaro and will be testing the makeup-smearing pickup.  Also, please wear your jog bras as may be hijacking the Tahoe for a side trip to the Everglades.

Advice to the guys: Someone bring a flask for after:)

Thanks Chevy and  This will get us all the street cred we deserve.  Please if I forgot anything, chime in. ~Mike


11 Responses to “Pizza Street Cred”

  1. Blanca Stella Says:

    Mosquitos and no makeup? I’ll wear a big hat with a net.;)

  2. mobikeith Says:

    Sun protection. And unbrella.

  3. vicequeenmaria Says:

    I think mosquito repellent hazmat suit may be more appropriate for the Glades, Mike. 🙂

    I had a chance to drive that Corvette at the last Chevy event! Enjoy!

    • Mike LaMonica Says:

      Maria, thanks for the critical addition to this post. Ladies, bring Avon Skin-so- soft. Gentlemen, bring Cutter Deep Woods .

      It’s not like you to be absent from a Pizza Tweetup. Hope you can attend in some fashion. ~Mike

  4. Matt mmWine Horbund Says:

    Sounds like fun! Drive fast!

    • Mike LaMonica Says:

      Will do Matt! I usually drive my buggy like Grandma Moses. But, I think I’ll expand my carbon footprint and the old waistline. Just for a day…~Mike

      Thanks for ringin’ in!

  5. The Waffle Says:

    Do you think I wouldn’t bring a flask? Of course I will travel with scotch, in style

  6. craig Says:

    Cannot wait to be with you in the vette!

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