The F-Bomb

I love gaffes when the microphone is on and people don’t know it.  I heard my buddy Joe Biden dropped  a nice F-Bomb yesterday at the  historic signing of much-championed health care plan. Look forward to more from him. Thanks for the blog post idea, my friend! That’s why I voted for ya! For gaffes, Vice President Biden rings in at #3.

Ringing in at #2 is another dear friend of mine, Jesse Jackson. When he was prepping for a CNN interview with Al Sharpton at his side (I think it was Rev Al) to talk to CNN about Obamas campaign platforms he dropped this: “Barack’s been talking down to black people … I want to cut his nuts off.” So that’s # 2. Thanks Jesse!

Ringing in at #1 is another close friend but dearly departed, President Ronald Reagan. He was being harangued at a press conference and was trying to leave the podium.  As he was leaving, the mic caught, “sons of bitches!”  But that’s not what made this gaffe great.

The next day Presidential spokesperson, Larry Speakes was asked if the President referred to any member of the press corps as “son’s of bitches.” Mr Speakes said, “He doesn’t recall saying it. He doesn’t recall anyone else saying it. If he said anything, he said, “It’s sunny and your rich.” Gaffe #1 by far in my book.

What’s your favorite open mic gaffe?  ~Mike