To the person who stole my cell phone

Why when something is stolen, why do we always refer to  the thieves as “they?”  They stole my _________?” “They” got my laptop. “They” got my shoes. “They” busted my window.

Well, “they” stole my cell phone today. I think they pickpocketed it as I was I was boarding the Metrorail in South Miami. Big bustle to board.  Probably was a team job.  In the pickpocket trade, they call call it, “distraction, extraction.” Bump you from one end.  Make a commotion.  And bing, it was gone from my backpack.  So much for being eco-friendly.

Anyway, I found out when I got to work and the phone was gone.  So I called phone. Went straight to VM.  Called AT&T.  They told me that either it was turned off or the battery went dead. I have 21 days standby time so I know battery was fine.

Three #’s were called on it when it was “missing.” 305-982-8299. 305-691-1931. And a 5 minute call to 305-303-4237 at 10:35 a.m.

I called all three #’s. The last one said it “must have been a wrong #.” I asked if you usually speak to people who dial you in error for FIVE MINUTES?” No good response.

So, I’m getting a new phone Monday. Here is a map of where my phone went since it was stolen.

Doesn’t help much but it makes me feel good and maybe impress you a bit. An attempt anyway. The good news is I had the insurance package.  The bad news is I took it where the sun don’t shine for $125.00 because this was a “special phone.” So thanks all around.

I think I’m going to enjoy my cell-free weekend.  And if you want to call the numbers above, please do. Tell them Mike told you to call.  Any ideas? Step up. ~Mike