An open apology to Chevrolet

I drove it like I hated it. Yes,  I made your 2010 Camaro my little beyotch! And with this, comes my open apology. Please accept it.

My inner monologue was “tee hee hee” as I was handed the keys. I put your Camaro through it’s paces even though I stalled the first time like I had a learner’s permit.  With 425 horsepower, I quickly vaporized your sticky 255-section rear tires.  I was fortunate to have a 19 mile leg to Augie’s Pizza with Agustina, Dori and Angi as my passengers.

Some old lady was going 90 in the HOV lane which really crimped my style.  I flicked the brights several times and she finally got the hint.  Then, I put it down.  The speedometer swung right as if it were a tachometer.  I was ready to just turn around hands in the air and cuff up if I got pulled over. I ripped the hubcaps off of a brand new Bentley with temporary tags. I was told I almost clipped an Altima. Deny. Deny. Deny.

Then we finally arrived at our pizza destination.  Your On Star is too good.  I intentionally overshot Augie’s so I could screel donuts in the parking lot next door. See above right picture.

So now I know what an aircraft carrier smells like when a plane lands. Thanks Chevrolet. And send me the bill. ~Mike