I got outWozzed!

Woz, you’re my idol.  Love that you openly admitted that the iPhone has battery life issues. You solved it by getting two.

I really hope you have a skabillion bucks (I’m glad if you do, you deserve it). But Woz, let me break this down for my readers.  You have two iPhones. A Google Nexus One, a Motorola Droid, plus Garmin and TomTom GPS’s. Plus the navigation system in your Prius. And now two iPads!

I mean, I  kind of guilty myself. I have an iPhone, a Blackberry Bold with 6 hrs talk time and a Tom-Tom or else I wouldn’t even know how to get to Publix. I like the voice directions the British lady gives me. She sounds kinda hot. Kinda like Elizabeth Hurley with a scratchy throat. “Exit left and get on the motorway.” Trust me, it’s hot.

There are rumors that you cut in line to get your iPad.  I’ll give you a pass on that. You founded the company.  Apparently no one Tweeted that you called frontsies, but I forgive you.

Well Steve, you have outgadgeted me. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do something normal together. So next time you’re in Miami, let’s do something that’s normal like play Polo on Segways.  If you lost my number, Google me. ~Mike