Dear Twitter- I am not for sale.

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of blankety blank about advertisers about to descend on Twitter.  And I don’t like it. Please understand that I hate advertising in many places and that I make a rather good part of my living in the advertising and marketing business. I hate  it in the movies, planes flying by on the beach, all that stuff. And I don’t plan on embracing it on Twitter.

I’ve heard that there may be tweets jacking right down the middle of your stream.  I’ve heard that they might be auctioning off ad space putting ads off to the side. I really don’t care which is right.

I hope they steal a page out of the Facebook playbook.  Put ads of hot women all over the side of my page.  I must tell you it actually enhances my Facebook experience.  And I know how much all these women in these ads are just sitting at home doing their nails just waiting to hook up with me!

The headlines are particularly catchy.  That is partly why I haven’t posted up so much lately.  Been spending time with all these single moms, hanging at Cougar Junction and surfing with all the hotties. So there you have it Biz Stone.  Free consulting advice from a consummate pro.

BTW, I fully anticipate my Twitter account to be suspended. But you know where you can catch up with me.  So, what do you all think about the incoming advertising scuds on Twitter?  Let me and my ladies know ASAP! ~Mike