For those of you who think that Foursquare didn’t divulge enough personal and intimate information, we introduce Fivesquare and the revolutionary Fivesquare Plus!

For just $2.99, Fivesquare, a uni-sex app,  will tell all your followers what type of underwear you’re wearing! Whitey tighties, boxers, briefs, thongs,  bloomers, hipsters, boyshorts, big ol’ Grandma Moses- the list is nearly endless!

And now for just a dollar more Fivesquare Plus Men and Fivesqaure Plus Women!  Fivesquare Men  let’s people know if you’re hanging to the right, left, or even if you’re going commando! For Fivesquare plus ladies version it even Tweets up if your “monthly friend” is here.

As an added bonus and for your convenience, both Fivesquare and Fivesquare Plus Tweet your location and vitals by default.  That’s right, pings and Tweeting are on!  You just check in and Fivesquare and Fivesquare Plus do the rest!

Please let me know what you think of this revolutionary new idea in Geo-location.  After this brief survey, we’ll be available on iTunes.  Thank you all for your input. This one’s been a long time coming. ~Mike