Smart Fathers

A smart father puts the car seat in right even if he has to go to the firehouse to make sure it’s right.  A smart father makes sure his little ones know how to swim. A smart father knows that if he’s watched a movie 20 times, he’s just getting warmed up.

He’s Santa, the toothfairy and always has Band-Aids and a bag of ice close by just in case. A smart father doesn’t text and drive, drink and drive and recycles, all because he’s a father. A smart father changes diapers and treats all his kids like they’re his favorite. A smart father gets off the computer and does something special with his little ones on Father’s Day.

And most of all, every smart father knows that every day is Mother’s Day.  Everyone enjoy your day.  ~Mike

4 thoughts on “Smart Fathers

  1. I was just a baby at the time but from how much I have learned about this subject, I feel as if I was there. I think that the people responsible for the attack were extremists that wanted our freedom, and instead of becoming citizens, they felt they had to attack us. Since America is the strongest country. I think after the attack, they felt they were the most powerful people in the world. I think people should realzie how brave the firefighters were. Untill this very day, these images effect our lifes, and effect the lifes thousands of firefighters, one being my father. In the end, I think America did a great job sticking together through this hard time. I feel America has gotten stronger through this experience..

  2. LOVE this post. But you’re not only a SMART dad, you are SO much more — the best dad with the biggest heart. And I know now that you’ve learned one of life’s most important lessons, that every day is Mother’s Day (as ever day is Father’s Day).

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