Mad Men, meet Social Media

Ahh, the days of going up the elevator with the Worldwide Creative Director smoking at 7:30 a.m.

Yeah I did my ten years on Madison Ave. Six of them literally (Ogilvy and TBWA) and four down at Bozell on 23rd st. It wasn’t ’64 but it still smelled like it. We drank like it, drugs had eclipsed (but hardly replaced) booze, the stairways smelled of reefer after hours and inter-office flings were as common as inter-office memorandum. Yeah it was fun so let’s keep on having it.

Imagine if we did a little mashup with Mad Men of yesterday with the Social Media and technology of today.

-If Don had a mobile device, what would it be?

-Would Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce be called “Digital Downpour?”

-Would the reporter from AdAge just have Skyped Don in for the interview ? Or would Don have been a show off and insist that they do the interview with FaceTime?

-Would he have answered a text while with a hooker?

-Would either Don or Betty be lawyering up using Facebook posts as digital gold in their divorce proceeding?

-Would Don have Tivoed his show and shuttled thru the Glo-Coat commercial?

-Would Don be on LinkedIn networking his ass off because he just kicked a prospect out of his office?

-Would #unfollowbetty be trending?

-Would Don have saved a few shekles and just hopped onto Oh, forgot, youporn can’t slap you.  Digital developers take note.

-How many more “likes” would Sugarberry Ham have after the stunt?

-Would Don have called Betty and Henry on his Bluetooth to ask where the hell they were?

-Would Sally have tried to DM her Dad on Twitter?  In her upset state, would Sally have accidentally tweeted it up to her followers???

Anything you want to add?  Go for it! ~Mike