Mad Men, meet Social Media

Ahh, the days of going up the elevator with the Worldwide Creative Director smoking at 7:30 a.m.

Yeah I did my ten years on Madison Ave. Six of them literally (Ogilvy and TBWA) and four down at Bozell on 23rd st. It wasn’t ’64 but it still smelled like it. We drank like it, drugs had eclipsed (but hardly replaced) booze, the stairways smelled of reefer after hours and inter-office flings were as common as inter-office memorandum. Yeah it was fun so let’s keep on having it.

Imagine if we did a little mashup with Mad Men of yesterday with the Social Media and technology of today.

-If Don had a mobile device, what would it be?

-Would Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce be called “Digital Downpour?”

-Would the reporter from AdAge just have Skyped Don in for the interview ? Or would Don have been a show off and insist that they do the interview with FaceTime?

-Would he have answered a text while with a hooker?

-Would either Don or Betty be lawyering up using Facebook posts as digital gold in their divorce proceeding?

-Would Don have Tivoed his show and shuttled thru the Glo-Coat commercial?

-Would Don be on LinkedIn networking his ass off because he just kicked a prospect out of his office?

-Would #unfollowbetty be trending?

-Would Don have saved a few shekles and just hopped onto Oh, forgot, youporn can’t slap you.  Digital developers take note.

-How many more “likes” would Sugarberry Ham have after the stunt?

-Would Don have called Betty and Henry on his Bluetooth to ask where the hell they were?

-Would Sally have tried to DM her Dad on Twitter?  In her upset state, would Sally have accidentally tweeted it up to her followers???

Anything you want to add?  Go for it! ~Mike

5 Responses to “Mad Men, meet Social Media”

  1. Dan O. De Ment Says:

    Mike: I subscribed to your blog today…the 9/11 entries, and my entry was included yesterday, all the entries were touching and brought back images we should never forget and we should all do whatever we can to see it never happens again. Your loses must have ripped you to pieces. I watched, as I’m sure thousands did yesterday, as the networks re-ran the horrific images. To have sat by the TV when it actually happened on 9/11 and see those innocent people leap to their deaths and the buildings collapse into themselves was enough to make a grown man put his fist through a wall. Many of my co-workers just turned around, throwing their arms in the air, knowing they could do nothing to help or save them. I was standing in the Mess Hall Line, I was in the Air Force, when President Kennedy was assasinated and I’ll certainly never forget what we all felt then as well.

    If you could drop by my site, Elm Drive Images, and sign up to my email, when you get a chance, I’d appreciate it. I have some great images for your viewing pleasure and any friends you could tell about Elm Drive Images. I will put you in My Blog Roll right after this.

    I know I was off subject today but just had to continue from yesterday…hope that was OK.

    Thanks again, and I’m truly sorry for the friends and associates you lost on 9/11. From and OLD MAN!

  2. mobikeith Says:

    Was yr comment a reply to MY comment. I hope not.

    I would never want to b always right, otherwise I’m not learning anything.

    I’m viewing the back episodes of MM right now to get completely up to speed.

    Njoy the wkend. Keep up the good work. (blogging)

  3. Mike LaMonica Says:

    How come you’re always right?

    If people flew in from outer space, landed on someone’s lawn and watched on someone’s flat screen, they would no doubt pack it up and leave.

    I can see the thought bubble over thie head now: “Self-Centered Dirtbags.” ~Mike

  4. mobikeith Says:

    Breaking News….

    AMC Hit Show, Mad Men, has been re-named “Mad Don. ”

    Hey, LaMonica, it’s all about the “Don.” ( Not the “Donald” )

    After watching last night’s show, if this had been the first time viewing the show for me, I would have concluded that the “Don” was being written out of the show faster than a 5:05 to New Haven derailing and landing in the “Sound” ( Long Island).

    Your post makes me want to do a Chuck Norris.

    Would he have answered a text while nailing a hooker? Ah, NOOOOOOOOOO, because the “Don” only cares about his two, first letter – H, last letter – D, fill in the blanks.

    Would Don have called Betty and Henry on his Bluetooth to ask where the hell they were? Ah, NOOOOOOOOO, because the “Don” doesnt give a rat’s tush.

    Would Sally have tried to DM her Dad on Twitter? Ah, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Because the “Don” would have specifically instructed Sally not to EVER waste his valuable time w something as trivial as her feelings and tweets.

    Would Don be on LinkedIn networking his ass off because he just kicked a prospect out of his office? LM, r u serious! Linked frickin In The “Don” doesnt have the time or energy to spare for LinkedIn or SminkedIn!

    And FINALLY, what mobile device would he be using? The only thing he needs a mobile device for is to know the time and place where he’s meeting up with his next 25 yr old Mt. Holyoke Alum. ( Coincidentally I did my undergraduate at the “U”, five miles from the Holyoke campus. )

    Oy, a whole week before we get to see how many new disasters the “Don” slithers out of. Slither? Becuase the “Don” brings a whole new refreshing meaning to “Snake Oil Salesman!!

  5. hfreeman17 Says:

    Not sure of much of the above, but uhhh…

    – he would most certainly not shuttle through any of the commercials he did, since he breathes off his own work (read: narcissism)

    – given that the phone was quite the social media device in his time and he used it sparingly and only when necessary — always militating toward real ‘face-time,’ he would abjure all 21st century tools and go for pressing the flesh in oh-so-many ways over the digital alternative.

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