Active Tweeters!

Lawdy, is it just me or have more and more people been posting their workouts on Twitter?  Some of you can’t stand workout updates. Me? I love them! What a great thing!  So many more people are getting a move on. Of course doing 3 a days like @OGOchoCinco isn’t for everyone.

Whether you know it or not, it seems like a lot of you are taking the NFL’s advice.  And that is: “Play 60.” One of my favorite commercials. Maybe because it makes me think about all the stuff I do with my son.

Here’s a quick look at what’s been flying down my feed:

@jarret23 is hitting Crossfit and he’s recruited @MSURabbott  and @UlisesOrozco. @vicequeenmaria is beating on my local Bootcamp. @lapp can do a lot of pull-ups and is strong like Brahma Bull. @morewillie  is a side of sinewy beef. Ditto @eQuinn2010. Ditto @DaleBuchanan. @journeyofnow trains either at 10:30 at night or 4:30 a.m. Good luck with that. @malcolli is a controling shareholder in New Balance. @loritodd is back at the gym with a trainer. @brianbreslin is biking in Shark Valley. @rmedina is biking a lot but not in Shark Valley. @egabrewing and @Annush1 are running using the Nike thingy. @MichaelCalienes needs to provide me an update. @andyvitale is back on a washboard binge. Look at @amyvitale’s FB profile pic. Enuf said. @beagarcia is ripping up spin class. @SoFloBoJo is fighting the Outback. @vaughanlazar runs at ungodly hours for ungodly lengths. @KeithSoifer? Tennis Pro and Golf mix. @vanessamontes has 4Squared her butt off (literally) @LAfitness- sometimes at 11:00 p.m. What’s wrong with you child? @alishavera walks like it’s an illness although a recent event has sidelined her and we wish her a speedy recovery. @mklopez has been sweating out family issues and all of our best thoughts are with him and his family. @LoreLama is vying for Ms. Fit on Twitter. @lizscherer is the mayor of like 5 health clubs. @agustinap and @Rebekah Monsoon are constantly sore from bootcamp. Plus Agustina supplies the screaming audio track. I know @RoxyNBCMiami is doing something! @knowaging is frozen in time like Jaclyn Smith. @nakedpizza is all about the fit. @joelkodner has the 12 oz curls covered. @smashfit is the goldstandard. Ditto @MizFitOnline and @joycecherrier. @queenadrock is on it even with her grueling traveling. @Joeperz has never been more vascular. @repsychler hasn’t been out of shape for a day in her life.  I know @dorizinn is doing something, but doesn’t tweet it up.  Plus she burns 1,000 calories just thinking about Mike Stanton. @summerjoy is back at the gym. @travelblggr runs thru airports and at 4 a.m.! @jillianmichaels call me pls. @reddywriting blogs and walk/runs at the same time. @ctiedje is ripped, but that’s probably from chasing three kids. Dunno. @bsoler hates  running but sucks it up. @sanjayguptaCnn shed 20 triathlon training. @jillmeetswrld>run,run, run. @mdl914 does something…I forget. @gopalo blasts it out with high-energy Afro-Cuban Funk. @amandastewart does everything possible. @BruceTurkel has run ruts into the Grove pavement. @miamishines gets in shape by hanging with @iambrucejenner. @SueanneShirzay wrecks a good pedicure for a run. @steph_rose does some sick stuff and Crossfit. I’m thinking @mchamberlin runs but doesn’t tweet it up. @PalmBchGirl walks on the beach in high heels. @mashable has the strongest right wrist on Twitter from pasting links in (work with the joke Pete). @LizaWalton, Yoga. @JillyEnFuego>@ricari. @AllisonNazarian walks with her dog even tho walking with the dog is a pain (always finishes before 8 a.m) and she’s just about to break out her new asics running shoes. @missbeckla doesn’t say. @tedmurphy>marathons. @kcom walks everywhere. @Cessiec is at LA Fitness as I type this. @scottiardella>kettlebells and more (bruther is ripped). Lloyd is happy that @jeremypiven does yoga to keep his temper in check. @TwittsMcGee? Kayaking without sunscreen. @drunkbrunch runs around the Central Park reservoir. @elvisofdllas chime in. @mcuban has a pic of himself playing hoops, but I can’t tell. @AnaisabelGarcia will be getting back to crossfit shortly. @ericadurst swims, runs on the beach with daily mile. @JeffHechtAZ trains at (SETS) and we both taunt @terrellowens. @eastd is back to lifting but has cut out the grunting.  @chrisbrogan? Let me know.  @adamsconsulting is on the Social Media diet and looks great without makeup. @PGA_JohnDaly does The “Daly Workout.” It’s a special mix of lapband surgery, smoking  and he still hits longer than Tiger Woods. @OwenO is waiting for the storm to pass on a golf course. And @swimbikerunning? Fairly self-explanatory.

So that’s it for now. If I missed you, please ring in. A post can only go on so long. Me? I only train to eat more pizza.  ~Mike

P.S. Special thanks to @pbarbanes and @TheTinyJEWELBox for Thursday’s webinar.


35 thoughts on “Active Tweeters!

  1. Thanks for giving away my main *hairflip* beauty secret. Running on the beach barefoot. Yes, it means the pedicure only lasts a week, but dammit, I’m worth it and so are my lack of jiggly thighs.

  2. 🙂 I’ll tell you what @mdl914 does to stay active: Runs away from the gym 🙂 in high heels! 🙂 Thank you for including me in your blog! xo

    1. Hi and thanks for checkin in. I was happy to include you! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s column…I don’t know if I’m going to call it “What To Expect When Your Expecting, 2010 Edition,” or “Names For Baby…2010.” Delivered to your computer tomorrow morning at around 10:00 a.m. Thanks again. ~Mike

    1. No, you were early to this post! We had a conversation like 600 Tweetups ago and I told you that I liked when you posted up what you did for a workout. You asked me if it was too much. My post is your answer. Glad you got home safely. ~Mike

  3. woah thats like a list of everyone on twitter in sfl.
    i recruited @msurabbott , @davidedicillo, and @jewgonewild to play on my soccer teams too.

    funny i was just thinking about this the other day (the increase in physical activity of tweeps)

    1. Hi Brian, I couldn’t get everyone in, but it’s a great trend. And it looks like I spoke too soon… @rmedina seems like he’s headed to Shark Valley with you. Oh well. Let’s all keep it up! ~Mike

  4. Uhm, awesome? Yes. Speaking of, I have a date w/ my trainer today …

    Seriously, thanks for this. It was totally awesome and so true about most everyone!

    You rock, Mike.

  5. Mike,

    This is hilarious and so true (at least for me): “@bsoler hates running but sucks it up.”

    Thanks for the laugh and afternoon motivation for yet another run. 🙂


  6. Mike,

    I still don’t know you personally, but the fact that you keep up with all the stuff that we all makes you a Rock Star!!!

    Thanks for including me in your post!

  7. Dang Mike. You are certainly paying attention to all our workout efforts. Me? I’m with you. Pizza curls for me

  8. “I know @dorizinn is doing something, but doesn’t tweet it up. Plus she burns 1,000 calories just thinking about Mike Stanton.”

    Best. Line. Ever.

    1. Yeah, we’re having fun! Thanks for being in my post! I’ll put a line out to Mike Stanton for you and I’ll let you know…Hope to see ya soon. ~Mike

      Subliminal message: Charmcity

  9. I LOVE this post! (of course I especially loved: “@alishavera walks like it’s an illness although a recent event has sidelined her and we wish her a speedy recovery.”)

    I’m all about the illness. Wanna walk with me?

  10. ‘Cuse me while I walk briskly to the fridge to get a cold Shocktop.

    With everyone so fit, why dont we have an Ironman Tweetup for S Fla tweeps.

    The principle sponsor could be @pizzatweetup!!

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