Twitter v. Facebook

Last week Patrick Barbanes asked what I thought was an interesting question: are you more comfortable on Twitter or Facebook? Sometimes I go with one word answers and sometimes I don’t. While I am comfortable anywhere, here’s my answer: I am partial to Twitter.

Lately it it seems like Facebook is changing their features and TOU so often, I feel like I am jogging at midnight in Central Park flaunting my gold Rick Ross necklace collection and I could get bumrushed at any time. Or as my friend @michaelcalienes said in a Tweet last week, “Another Facebook feature, another trip to the privacy controls.”

Yes I have a personal Facebook account and understand the value for my clients. I get that the Starbucks FB page has been valued (within a wild range) at about 12,857,142 million “Tall” drips.  But for me, personally, Facebook is kinda like Flickr with captions. Before the rioting begins, please hear it out. Thanks.

On Facebook, I really enjoy seeing pictures of my friends, their kids, families and travel logs of interesting places.  I love this picture of Cameron! I love Tami Stillwell’s #GoingGhana pictures. And on and on. I have caught up with some old friends, flames and other scuds from my past on Facebook but I have “met” few new people via Facebook.  Please guess how many new Facebook friends I have met IRL? One. But that was because of a Tweetup invite on Palo’s Facebook page. Other than that, those I have met on Facebook, I met through Twitter first. And I do not have a problem meeting people, male or female, young or old, black, white or even green.

Through Twitter I have met what could be several hundred friends and people that I have come to care for a lot.  On Twitter, I feel have widened what I call my “Chicken Soup Circle.”  That is the universe of people who could let me know they are sick and I would bring them chicken soup. Or vice versa.  Or if I could not bring them chicken soup, I could instantly post and reach out to about 1,000 of you and see who could help out. I’m sure Twitter folk would come forward double quick.

I saw a Tweet a few months ago that went roughly like this: “I ran out of gas on the L.A. freeway. Call Freddie at and pls have him call me. He’s not picking up.” So I called Freddie. Poor Freddie!  Freddie said, “Thanks man, your like the 50th person to call.”  And that is my point. And my take on this whole thing.

Now it’s your turn. Sound off!  I publish and respond to all comments and opinions.  Last week, I received a real nice e-mail from one of my New York readers about my blog post and our blogging community. Here’s a piece of it: Mike, it’s fun to see blogs with such vibrant communities in the comments.” So be vibrant and have a great day! ~Mike

25 Responses to “Twitter v. Facebook”

  1. desiree kennedy productions Says:

    I gave up on Twitter because I am 1) not that interesting 2) not that egotistical

    Love Facebook, use it for networking in the industry.

    You say you are on FB, can’t seem to find you!
    Friend me, dammit!
    I’m under Desiree K Kennedy!

    • Mike LaMonica Says:

      Sorry to welcome you to my blog this way, but I feel you are wrong twice.

      We worked together for many years and you are way interesting! In the beginning, I thought the same thing, but then I found a voice, made friends and have been enjoying it ever since.
      There are no more egotistical people on Twitter than there are in the general population. As a matter of fact, contained in the post is an example or two of how magnanimous Twitter folk are. But hey whatever floats your boat. I’ve made connections on FB, Twitter and LinkedIn. Thanks fer tuning in. Didja hit the little subscribe button? ~Mike

  2. Stephen Says:

    Good post, I like Twitter more than facebook for meeting new and interesting people and for consuming information of what is happening now, or what my friends are interested. I think twitter users I choose to follow do a better job of this than on Facebook.

    It works like this, we talk back and forth engage in interesting banter on twitter. Then if you request a friend request then in most cases I’ll accept ya.

    Both audience are different.

    • Mike LaMonica Says:

      Sounds like that makes sense. Maybe I’m not using my outbound personal Facebook as well as I could. But I do enjoy the updates. Especially yours! Have a great day. Say hi to the gang! ~Mike

  3. Jeannette Says:

    Facebook is my preference, but mainly because most people I keep in touch with are on there and not on twitter. One other kudo for Facebook – I found my youngest brother (who had no idea of my existence) there! Twitter is great for finding out about new things, events and such. Heck, it was through the cuban food tweet-up that I met you, Maria, Alisha, and Will! I guess I’m just a little more guarded that others, but I’ll continue using both. – Jeannette

    • Mike LaMonica Says:

      So…guess what? You didn’t know it but you were in this post! You are the only person I have met via Facebook that I have then met in person. So I was thinkin of ya, thanks for reading and commenting and hopefully I’ll se ya soon! ~Mike

  4. PalmBchGirl Says:

    I enjoyed reading your post, although I can’t really compare the two because I am not on Facebook. My friends have been trying to get me to join for a long time . All I hear about is Farmville and Mafia Wars and pictures of me from nursery school. For me Twitter is about here and now, meeting new,interesting people, interacting and turning it off. I have met so many local people and people from across the pond. I have made some great new friends that I would never have met if i hadn’t joined, so for now I will stay off of Facebook and enjoy Twitter.

    • Mike LaMonica Says:

      Oh snap, I didn’t see your comment was stuck in moderation. I have to keep a mild spam filter on there or else, I would get bombarded by ads for whiter teeth, p-90x and Oxi-Clean. Thanks for subscribing and for your comments. My best from Miami (which is almost across the pond). Tweet ya soon…~Mike

  5. vicequeenmaria Says:

    Steve, I figured Mike knows your chicken soup stories, right? 🙂

  6. Steve Says:

    P.S. I have brought chicken soup to at least 2 Tweeps. 🙂

    P.P.S. At least two of the people at this last Cuban Food Tweetup are not on Twitter and found out about it via Facebook. They then hung out and went to the PALO! show at Kimbaracumbara.

    • Mike LaMonica Says:

      You have brought more than chicken soup to countless numbers of people. And the one (1) person I have met IRLIhave met from one of your Facebook invites…Diego says hi. ~Mike

  7. vicequeenmaria Says:

    Do you also deliver Crema de Malanga? Or would that be Crema de LaMonica? LOL!

    PS … I like both FB and Twitter, but Twitter wins for the IRL social component. I love the “chicken soup circle” idea because it’s much better than what a friend of mine calls some closed-up, exclusionary cliques in the tech and blogging world. I’ll give you an idea, it has the word “jerk” in it.

    • Mike LaMonica Says:

      Hola Maria-

      I can arrange for Crema de Malanga to be delivered actually faster than I can pick it up myselfand bring it. I can probably say anything I want here because you are now thinking about hot Firemen. But I won’t. To me IRL is what separates the two. I hope you are calling 911 IRL. See ya soon! ~Mike

  8. mobikeith Says:

    Dear Mr. Vibrant;

    Comparing Twitter with Facebook is, well, like comparing apples to, well, snow peas.

    They’re both different, and have very useful purposes.

    I like to define the main difference between Facebook N Twitter this commonly accepted way.

    Facebook is for “Who you know”, and Twitter is for “What You Know. ”

    T\he main reason why I got involved in Facebook initially was because one of my special interest communities, dance, literally lives in Facebook.

    They post pictures to FB after each and every dance, and spend much of the day in Farmville, the fish tank place (Fishville??), whose name escapes me, and the other G_D forsaken games.

    They also update their upcoming dance plans on FB, so if I needed to know where everybody was headed on any given night, I had to review my Wall, News Feed, or pray that I set my Notifications correctly so the updates appear in my e-mail inbox.

    This same dance group thinks that Twitter is the latest exhibit at Butterfly World here in Coconut Creek.


    Without Twitter, I would not have any idea who Mike LaMonica is, or @Ines, @alexdc, @lapp, @worstpizza, @Latinburger, etc. etc. etc.

    Twitter is my morning radio, television, newspaper, and doctoral program in rich media and life, all rolled into 140 character bursts.

    For me, Twitter is all about a most often, overwhelming amount of information.

    I cant begin to put my arms around how much I have learned through my “Twittering” activities.

    The amount of information that flows through Twitter is beyond human comprehension.

    But we should not underestimate the value of the Facebook platform.

    With its global subscriber base and target marketing capabilities, Facebook is positioned to make common websites obsolete.

    And let’s not forget the fun Tweet-ups, where we can personally meet all our fellow Tweeps.

    But maybe we should start holding Face-ups?

    • Mike LaMonica Says:

      Hey Keith-

      On sheer numbers, the discussion isn’t event a discussion. It seems like you have just about everything right. Except, you missed Crunk Dancing class this morning so I might revisit those privacy settings. As for Farmville, I have my own real life plants to water and my own 8 year old livestock to feed. On the hour.

      I’m glad you are using both and I like they way you have defined each. As they say in Rome, chacun à son goût.


  9. Dori Zinn Says:

    I’m not quite sure if I prefer one or the other, because I believe they both serve two different purposes. While I know people on both platforms, and while they are both useful platforms, I think the audiences are different for what you’re trying to accomplish.

    For me, Facebook is a place where I can catch up and keep up with my friends. Like you mentioned, seeing their pics of trips, kids, and upcoming adventures. I don’t let Twitter carry over to Facebook because

    a.) My family is on there.
    b.) There’s more personal info about me on there.
    c.) The same people I interact with on a cheeky/fun level, and even a professional/business level on Twitter are not necessarily the same people I interact with on Facebook, which is more personal.

    Granted, I don’t put anything on Facebook that is considered illegal, damaging to my reputation, or embarrassing to my family or employer, but it’s a choice of who I want that information exposed to.

    I like both platforms, but for me, Twitter is an easier way to interact in a different environment. I don’t take it too seriously, and I enjoy it. But as far as preferring one over the other? To me, they’re just different.

    Great post, Mike. 🙂

    • Mike LaMonica Says:

      You know I don’t take anything too seriously so I’m with ya. I don’t think my mom is on Facebook. Let me ask my bro. I hadn’t considered it. If so, as the post says, “another trip to the privacy controls.” Gracias amiga! BTW, last nites crabs looked slammin’ (that probably didn’t sound right…). Hope to see you soon! ~Mike

  10. Victor Says:

    I tend to agree. My Facebook friend count has been steadily declining because it was mainly filled with HS friends I had neither seen nor spoken to in more than 15 years. However on Twitter I always find new interesting people to follow and they usually follow back, I actually won a dozen Dunkin Donuts on Twitter this weekend!! I recently relocated to Fort Lauderdale and find that following local twitterers is a great way to find out about events and cool places to go.

    • Mike LaMonica Says:

      Thanks for your comments Victor! If you are not following @ DDSoFla and @fsutoby on Twitter, please do. Welcome from all of us in South Florida. As my memory best serves, Florida is one of the top Twitter-active populations in the U.S. I believe #3. So “Welcome To The Goodie Room!” ~Mike

  11. The Dude Dean Says:

    Twitter FTW. Ohh if you call a twitter meetup a tweetup… what is a facesuck meetup? Facesuckeup?

    • Mike LaMonica Says:

      Hey Dean, thanks for chiming in. I didn’t post this to take sides for either platform, but I guess we are on the same side on this one. Hope to see you soon and I won’t call you sir. ~Mike

  12. Steve Says:

    Great post. Twitter and Facebook are different. I enjoy them both. Since I don’t have any influence in their design, I embrace their individual strengths. Kind of like my friends. 🙂

    • Mike LaMonica Says:

      Steve, I included you purposely because you use both platforms so well. And why I am so grateful (both myself and Diego) for having you as a friend. Sorry we can’t come @latinburger today. Last minute stuff to do before school…~Mike

  13. Alisha Vera Says:

    I need chicken soup, please H-E-L-P!! (My personal take on Twitter vs. FB? Two totally different platforms fulfilling totally different needs both of which have pros and cons.)

    • Mike LaMonica Says:

      Your current location is out of my today’s delivery capabililites, but I will gladly put out a Tweet if you need soup. Yes, two diff platforms, both with pros and cons. As you can tell, I think Twitter is #hotter!

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