Imperfectly Perfect

When I was 27,  I bought my first house. Beautiful cabin in the Catskill Mountains.  Stream in the front yard.  All that. So the next weekend, my dad came up to check it out and help me clean up the place.

We were going thru stuff  and  tossing things into those big, black trash bags. I was sorting and he was holding the bag for me.

Then I came upon this vase.  He asked: “Why are you throwing this out?”

“It’s broken pop. Look it’s chipped,” I said.

The he fired back the game changer.

“Mike, the chip is what makes it beautiful.”

Have a great Sunday everyone. ~Mike

12 Responses to “Imperfectly Perfect”

  1. Blanca Stella Mejia Says:

    that is so nice Mike.. You Dad must be an awesome man.

  2. Jessica Figueroa Says:

    Aaaaw! Now I like that!

  3. Vicequeenmaria Says:

    I like mine with malt vinegar 🙂

    beautful post mike… You told a great story with few words.

  4. Owen O'Malley Says:

    A chip off the ole…vase.

  5. mobikeith Says:

    I’ll remember this the next time I’m in the dentist’s chair.

  6. X Says:

    Good post, Mike

  7. alisha vera Says:

    I am so thankful for all my chips …

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