SM kills sixº of separation

The idea that we are six degrees separated from anyone on earth is dead. This popular Trivia game centered around the Actor Kevin Bacon. It refers to the idea that everyone is at most six steps away from any other person on earth.  But that was before the internet and before you met me.

So what’s your Kevin Bacon number? It’s two, because I met Kevin Bacon  while filming He Said, She Said. So anyone who reads this and the thread comments has a Kevin Bacon number of 3.

Basically I think that the new six  degrees of separation is three degrees of separation.  So let’s find out…

Here is a short list of people I’ve met.  Put some you’ve met in the comments.  By the end of this, we should have three degrees of separation.

-Kevin Bacon

-George Steinbrenner

-Jennifer Aniston

-Ringo Starr

-Owen Wilson

-Tom Cruise,

-O.J Simpson

-Gloria Estefan

-Phil Knight

-Lee Iacocca

-Leona Helmsley

-David Ogilvy

-Jerry DellaFemina

-David Lee Roth

Again, put people you’ve met in the comments section.  Let’s take this old myth out and we’ll set up a new Wiki entry. Thanks for retweeting this and spreading the word.  That’s how this will work…~Mike

12 Responses to “SM kills sixº of separation”

  1. writenowlife Says:

    You are right on it being less then 6 degrees now. Here are some of mine:
    Vice-President Al Gore
    Tipper Gore
    Angela Davis
    Richard Smallwood
    Joel Osteen
    Ralph Keyes

    • Mike LaMonica Says:

      Thanks for expanding the circle! If this post caught on more, we’d all be down to 2 degrees! You met some really cool people and now I’m 2nd degrees from Al Gore and Angela Davis! Great and a Happy Halloween to you.


  2. Jeanne Says:

    Patrick Swayze
    Hmmmmm….that’s all I got.

  3. Sarah @ Shades of Sarah Says:

    Gov. Bill Richardson
    Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz
    Rep. Kendrick Meek
    A.J. Burnett

  4. wadingacross Says:

    Glenn Beck
    Daniel Silva
    Joel Richardson
    Blue Rolfes
    Ira Flatow
    Whitey Ford
    Richard and Wendy Pini
    John “Jack” Fanning
    – Years ago I once drove Susan Lucci’s Ford Explorer.

  5. Palmbchgirl Says:

    Marisa Wayne
    Dom Deluise
    Rush Limbaugh
    Cal Ripken
    Tony Hawk
    Bam Margera
    Mercury Morris
    Alonzo Morning
    Dwayne Wade

  6. Jill Says:

    I believe that this isn’t just about celebrities. Thanks to Facebook, I know now that many people I know actually know other people I know, and not through the same avenues.

  7. Sueanne Shirzay Says:

    And Justice Clarence Thomas

  8. Sueanne Shirzay Says:

    Hilary Clinton
    Minnie Mouse

  9. Seth Says:

    Jake the Snake Roberts
    Mike LaMonica

  10. Rob Says:

    Jimmy Carter
    Dr. J
    Joe Paterno
    Garrett Oliver
    That’s all I can think of.

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