Miami Metrorail Tips

Quick companion piece to my Department of Motor Vehicles Tips post.

I wanted to bust you some Miami Metrorail 411. Even though I almost got blown up last week when a bomb-laden hostage went into The Bank of America on U.S. 1 and my train unknowingly breezed by.

1) Ladies, please put your makeup on at home. I wince when I see you using eye pencil and fear I’m going to hear a loud shriek followed by a pool of blood.  Please take an extra 15 at home with all sharp makeup objects. Blush and other non-lethal types are fine with me although some might disagree.  You need your eyes to read stuff like this.

2) Don’t count on the Wi-Fi. Metrorail Wi-Fi brings me back to the AOL days when speeds were 14.4kbit/sec and sounded like this. My best Googling tells me that there are only 20 wi-fi cars in service out of 22 miles of service.  Seriously, please offer it or don’t.

3) Deal with the hot. Deal with the cold. Actually some of my funnier Miami Metrorail moments is seeing when the mercury drops below 50 degrees.  I caught this pic (at left) on my phone going up the escalator last winter.

4) If you can figure it out, use the Metrorail. What could be an hour commute for me has been about 8:33 and I’ve been doing it for five+ years.  I take a car off the road, am helping the environment.  I’ve never been in a car accident on the Metrorail. And sometimes I just look down and laugh as I show a Porsche 911 who’s boss.

So, do you use Metrorail? Like it? Hate it? Wish you cold use it? Chime in!   ~Mike

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13 Responses to “Miami Metrorail Tips”

  1. infamousashley Says:

    Um yeah… I can’t even put on eye makeup standing still on solid, non-moving, ground without stabbing myself or some other eye injury…

  2. vicequeenmaria Says:

    I took the metrorail for years when I was involved with the New World School for the Arts. So convenient! And I use it now whenever I have to go downtown during the day and come back before 9 or so. At night it creeps me out a bit because of the solo woman thing.

    Mike – take Dr. Paul George’s downtown metromover tour some day … it’s great!

  3. Stefani Whylie Says:

    I just stated taking the Metrorail a few weeks ago, and although I can’t take it every day, I absolutely love it. You see, I live in Coconut Grove, but work in Ft. Lauderdale. I take the Metrorail to the Tri Rail then the *free* Tri Rail shuttle bus that drops me off only 2 minutes from my office. While my commute is a bit longer – by 30 minutes max -it’s really nice that I can spend that time reading or catching up on work, and not simply resisting the urge to flick off the guy that just cut me off. And now with the fact that you’re offered 6 free taxi rides home every year so long as you’re registered commuter, I never really feel stuck or stranded. It also doesn’t hurt to know that you’re helping the environment, one ride at a time.

  4. blackwatertown Says:

    Seeing people putting on make-up on the train makes me nervous. I’m just waiting for a bump to cause a cosmetic disaster.

  5. christine bucan Says:

    Love the photos!

  6. Brad Says:

    Look, I love riding the metro…when it’s not an humid inferno outside. There’s a station adjacent to my apartment and another one a few hundred yards from the ol’ office, so it can be pretty convienient, weather permitting. At this point in the Miami Winter-Summer weather cycle, I’d rather not have full body sweat stains at 9:30 AM. The walk from the Vizcaya Station to the office just isn’t worth it. Once it cools down, I’ll put money back on my card and put my tax dollars to use.

  7. Mike LaMonica Says:

    Hi Angel-

    You won! For being the first to comment, I’m going to check to see if I can find out the status on the extension. Thanks for ringing in! I’ll let you know what I can find out. Best to ya.


    • MIke LaMonica Says:

      Angel, I got no news for you on the extension. Perhaps a Metrorail representative could comment here and inform us…

  8. Angel Says:

    I used to love riding the train to work. There has been a few occaisions where I’ve missed my stop due to me falling asleep. Now that i’m in Broward that’s not practical. Hopefully they’ll get around to extending up 27 AVE like they promised.

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