Merry Christmas!

Every year it seems like the holidays start earlier and earlier.

So I figured this year, I might as well be the first to wish you a Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah, and a Merry Christmas to all! And while I’m at it, a Happy New Year. Generally, with those greetings, comes the barrage of holiday commercials.

“Usually the first to start the holiday ad blitz are the big box retailers,” says Vicki Penn, Media Director of Beber Silverstein & Partners in Miami.  “At this point, the retailers go from Halloween to Christmas overnight. They want to gauge the holiday season as early as possible so they can bring out the discounts as late as possible” says Penn.

But this year’s a bit different.  It’s an election season.  So don’t expect to be bombarded with holiday messages until after Election Day on November 2nd. The politicians have heavy dibs on media buys.  Personally I’d rather see holiday sales commercials than the ad hominem political messages, wouldn’t you?

So, when do the holidays start for me? When I see (on network TV):

1) A Charlie Brown Christmas 2) Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and 3) Frosty the Snowman.

When do the holidays start for you?


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20 Responses to “Merry Christmas!”

  1. vicequeenmaria Says:

    Also, since I don’t have kids and everyone is an old fart in my family, we really don’t think much about it all … kinda sad.

  2. vicequeenmaria Says:

    Oops, it’s too early! I meant to say that roast pork is the book ends of both holidays.

  3. Rob Says:

    Personally, though I take my kids trick-or-treating, I don’t really care about Halloween. Which makes the few days before Thanksgiving the start for me. I love Thanksgiving, we put up Christmas tree the weekend after that, and leave it up til about mid January. I have a birthday in between as well, but that’s hardly a holiday, even for me.

    Last year I went to Colombia for Thanksgiving. Was a nice time, but it sucked to miss one of my favorite holidays since they don’t celebrate there. If it’s up to me, I won’t let that happen again.

    Happy New Year!


    • Mike LaMonica Says:

      Thanks Rob-

      While Colombia sounds nice, Thanksgiving is a home kinda holiday for me. I hope you get your wish. I Hope I was the first to wish you a great holiday.


  4. Sueanne Shirzay Says:

    Well, Mike, for me the holidays start when I am 5 lbs under my July weight. Because then I start increasing my pie intake. Yes. it’s all about pie. Statistically speaking, this occurs at the beginning of November. This being an election year… Well… This just means there will be an increase in my pecan pie intake. -Sue

  5. Staci Garcia Says:

    Target just moved their Halloween department over to add in the Holiday section… Way too early for me.

  6. Eric Miltsch Says:

    Happy New Year Mike.

    For me, it’s always when I see the poinsettias at work…then I know we’re close to holiday time.

  7. Lorena Says:

    I actually don’t like the holidays… So I totally wait until the last minute to get them started. Sometimes they start after Dec 15th.

  8. Mike LaMonica Says:

    Yes, you beat us! I’ll have to look for your post…October 1 for Christmas is really, really early. My best to you!


  9. blackwatertown Says:

    Halloween hasn’t even started for me. I tend to wait till the time.
    But for others, the Christmas season is underway – chocolate Santas at the supermarket checkout. That’s the UK for you.
    How do I know it’s Christmas? When the Great Escape is on TV.

  10. Angel Says:

    It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown marks the begining for me. It reminds me of the change of seasons up north. I miss New England autumns.

  11. Tilly Bud Says:

    I have just blogged about this! I guess we in Britain beat you for commercial greed; our biggest supermarket showed its first Christmas advert on October 1st. We know it’s really coming, though, when the Coca-Cola advert plays: a large truck driving through snow with the refran ‘Holidays are comin’; holidays are comin’.’

    I resolutely ignore it all until December 1st and then I watch my favourite Christmas movies to get in the spirit: Christmas isn’t Christmas without ‘A Muppet Christmas Carol.’

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