The streets of Miami pt.1

It ain’t all Bentleys.  What do you think?  ~Mike


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9 Responses to “The streets of Miami pt.1”

  1. JeanInNewYork Says:

    Mike, you still take beautiful pictures, each one tells a story from the heart

  2. jeffzelaya Says:

    Wow! Goosebumps. A story in a picture. Powerful stuff. Thanks for sharing Mike.

  3. infamousashley Says:

    I love it. Beautiful. Inspiring. Warm.

  4. Dee Says:

    We need to be grateful for what we have. One day it could all be gone… Very sad but real pictures..It’s not all Bentley’s!
    Thanks Mike~

    • Mike LaMonica Says:

      Hi Dee-

      Thanks for your kind words and for ringing in. Just so you know, I bought a nice meal for everyone of these people who were kind enough to spend time with me.

      Each was more interesting than the next. One man didn’t know how old he was. One person said I should take pictures of the buildings because “they were more interesting than me.” It was pretty moving.

      All I did was make them feel comfortable and press the button…My best to you.


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  6. Brad Says:

    Look who decided to get all artsy and emo all of the sudden

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