Word Of Mouth

There’s good word of mouth and there’s there’s not so good word of mouth. Yesterday I saw some bad.  And today I saw some good.

The Bad): Yesterday, when South Florida Daily Blog’s Publisher Rick tried to send flowers through FTD his order was mishandled and he posted: FTD Pretty Much Sucks (Updated). FTD’s response was less than stellar, but the comments it generated were.  One poster went so far as to say, “FTD is evil.”  Granted many of us like Rick, but that is what Social Media is about: gaining trust, influence, engagement and popularity. So it’s no surprise that many came out to comment and give their opinions.

According a 2007 document published by the  WOMMA (word of mouth marketing association) titled WOM 101, WOM is: “Listening to consumers: Engaging them in open, unfiltered conversation promptly and honestly responding to their concerns valuing customer opinion, whether it is positive, negative, or neutral.” FTD did none of that and sent him a form letter response pictured here:

Funny, one Wikipedia entry cites  FTD as “Fails to Deliver.”

Too bad that FTD fails to recognize that they are not delivering flowers; they are delivering sentiments. My grade for FTD? F. Sorry guys.

The Good): Today I saw a dissatisfied customer named Shannon Schiner contact AutoNation via Twitter (her Twitter handle @shanfishes) about a recent  Certified Pre-owned purchase.   AutoNation Social Media Coordinator, Mallory Colliflower, responded quickly and took a page out of the Bill Clinton playbook. AutoNation made Shannon feel like they she’s the only person in the world. And I’m sure Shannon would agree. Just take a look at the exchange and the speed of the response at left. 9:24, 9:33, 10:02. 10:03, 10:09, 10:58 and 11:03.

So there you have it.  AutoNation gets the A grade for gaining trust, influence, engagement and, I would imagine, popularity.

So what are some of your best word of mouth stories,  good, bad or otherwise? I’d love to hear what you have to say and I’m sure a lot of other people would too.


Word of mouth Photo credit: Media Bistro


10 thoughts on “Word Of Mouth

  1. After reading this post, I’ve been inspired to post on AT&T’s social media platforms to thank them for giving me 28.8 modem speed when I’m paying for turbo lightning.

    Thanks Mike! You’ve made me a better man.

  2. Thanks for highlighting our efforts at AutoNation, Mike! We’re lucky to have a system and a team in place that can handle customer service through social media when necessary, and it genuinely brightens my day when I can help someone out. It pleases me even more when others take notice. Thanks again!

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