The world holds its breath

It feels like the night in 1969 when my parents woke me up to watch man land on the moon. I sit here now as a sat there then hoping all will go right.

They’ve been underground since August 5th. Before they were located 2,257 feet underground they stretched a 2 days supply of food for 17 days. Two spoonfuls of tuna, a sip of milk, a bite of crackers and a morsel of peaches. Every other day.

Hopefully, they will be soon be hoisted one by one to the surface. If all goes right, it will take 15 minutes per man and it will be the longest 15 minutes of each of their lives. I’ve written on Coal Miners before in a post called “Where will you be at 3:30 today? I hope to write a completely different story than that one soon.

I’d like to keep this one light, so pray for 33 miracles like this:

The most amazing thing to me: each man wants to be hoisted up last.  What’s the most amazing thing to you?