Congratulations South Florida!

I think we officially made it.  No more feeling like we’re walking through hot yogurt. We’re in the 60’s at night. What a weekend!  Here is an unretouched  picture of the sky yesterday from my Blackberry:

It’s a day when blue was only surpassed by pink  when 21,000 people participated at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure downtown. It was a day for the top down. A beautiful day for a birthday party at The Venetian Pool.  And a beautiful day to take pictures. Even pictures taken in the shade looked nicer!  Here are a few snapshots of this beautiful day:

Now if we could only Xerox this weather for about 6 months.  I’m getting away from this computer and heading out. What’s your favorite part of having weather like this?  Congratulations everyone!



8 thoughts on “Congratulations South Florida!

  1. Gorgeous photos. I have one of AstroTurf from my iphone. I was laying on the ground for 2 days watching my 3 sons play at the same park. Great weather. I hope they don’t want to go again today… (yawn)

    It would be awesome if you could shoot my boys one day. Candid. LMK how you work…

  2. Yes, Mike, a few great days. But, come on man, don’t jinx us. You know we NEVER say congratulations until Hurricane Season is over. The first year I live in my house here I had to pick up stop signs from the middle of the road and tree trunks from my driveway, courtesy of Wilma, not to mention a month with no juice, right about this time of year. So my weather congrats are on hold. But it was an awesome weekend! 🙂 talk to you later.

    1. Hi Victor-

      Thanks for the sharing…would you look at those skies! What’s on the horizon is even better. As the sun gets lower in the sky in South Florida, almost all day (even high noon) has beautiful light to shoot in and to be in. Congrats to you too.


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