Some like it hot

In my series of oft eccentric post, this one’s up there. I attempt to eat 20 of Wingstop’s hottest Atomic wings in less than 20 minutes.  And here we have it all edited on film for your viewing enjoyment.

While I have not yet received a call from the casting directors of Jackass 3D, this one might get me a slot on their speed dial. Please read the warning below before attempting any stunt like this.

And here’s the film:

What’s the hottest thing you’ve ever eaten? Do you like it hot?


Shot in Miami on location at Beber Silverstein & Partners.

Edited by Mitch Koch, ACE

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16 Responses to “Some like it hot”

  1. Obi-Whan Says:

    Mike, I think you’ve earned your new surname as: Mike LaTomica… wow

  2. Staci Garcia Says:

    Being a Philly girl, I enjoyed the music a lot. Big Rocky fan here. As for the wings, well I am somewhat of a professional in this arena as well. I worked at Hooters for just over three years. In Rockville, Maryland where I started working at Hooters, guys would order Six Mile Island (2x 3 mile Island) wings. In FL, Hooters never made 6 mile Island winds.

    In College park, MD, there was a wing place called Cluck U back in the 90’s… Not sure if its still there. They were known to have the hottest wings anywhere. Drunk frat guys congregated at Cluck U to scarf nuclear wings at 2 am. I remember not being able to walk into the place cause my eyes would water.

    I never ate a chicken wing until about 10 years after I quit Hooters.
    I’ll probably never eat one again after seeing your video. Well maybe not, I do like Bru’s grilled BBQ wings… Nice editing. :)))

    • Mike LaMonica Says:

      Hi Staci-

      Thanks for stopping in. The editing credit goes to Mitch Koch (pronounced Cook). He’s actually a writer who knows who is a great editor. But he’s an even better writer. Been trying to get him to blog, but it’s not happening- don’t think.

      I’d love to try something hotter (I’ve eaten hotter food), but the sheer volume of this one brought the heat. Have you ever heard of Dave’s Insanity Hot sauce? That is probably the hottest thing I’ve ever had. Chemical hot. Just heat. Not a lot of flavor. If you put too much on, it’s a real meal wrecker. Two or three drops are great in a gallon of chili, but be sure to keep the little one’s away from it.

      Here’s a little about Dave’s Insanity (it’s In the top middle).


  3. Burger Beast Says:

    Duuuude, great job!

  4. South Florida Food and Wine Says:

    You are a freakin’ riot!!! I’m diggin’ the videos….

  5. mkhall Says:

    Once I went out for Thai food with a friend who had just returned from three months in Phuket. He ordered us a spicy beef salad (in Thai), and asked for it “native hot.”

    That is the closest I have ever come to a religious experience. It was so good, but the endorphin rush caused hallucinations. That’s the only possible explanation for my memory of ordering another round of it.

    It looks like you know what I mean, Mike.

  6. NataschaOS Says:

    Best line, “It’s Good, But It’s Hot” … For me is almost torture to see you ingesting hot wings – I am not a fan of hot food for the sake of hotness / I prefer spicy where you can taste the different flavors … 😉

  7. Rob Says:

    I can’t watch the video tonight (sound, go figure), but the hottest for me was on Indian Row in NYC, 6th Street. I’d frequently go in to various restaurants and ask them to make the hottest Lamb Vindaloo possible. One day I wasn’t disappointed. Was real torture!

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