Happy Halloween!



6 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Mike,

    That picture is priceless! That baby is not having a happy moment with the pumpkin. I love Halloween for the spirit of creativity it brings out in people and for the focus on horror movies (a big fave). It is cool to watch friends, co-workers and complete strangers falling back to childhood glee when planning out and wearing their costumes. It is a day we can be silly, wicked, naughty, political, etc. without second thought. And for those who don’t like the day, well they can sit around and cry at pumpkins too.


    1. Dear Barbara-

      Thanks, that was actually an outtake from a Keds shoot. One of the funniest things tome is pulling up to a red light and there’s a clown driving the car next to me. Have a great and silly Halloween.


  2. Hi Rob-

    Soaping the car and egging are usually reserved for Mischief night which is tonight. So if you wake up and your live oak isn’t full of toilet paper and no one wrote in shaving cream on your car, you should be in the clear.

    Where the hell were Andres’ parents?


  3. Hola Mike.

    I like Halloween. I don’t love it, and I could probably skip it without any withdrawal. My stupid community decided to have a party tomorrow night, Sunday, when the obvious party date was today. I’ll probably go.

    Best Halloween recent memory was my first Halloween in this community I live in. It was everyone’s first Halloween here, new community and some homes were still unlived in and under construction. My 2.5 year old at the time met 5 yo “Andres” (an alias). His parents were not around but he went trick or treating with us.

    This kid knocked, waited one second, knocked again, and if no answer turned the doorknob and went in aggressively. Considering the newness of the neighborhood and that many homes were still unoccupied, he went into many a home unannounced and unwelcome. I still tell 12 year old Andres about it to this day, with a chuckle. If he ever soaps my car or eggs my house, I will…

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