At last, the 25 hour day

“There are not enough hours in the day,” the saying goes.

Well for many of us in the United States, we’ll get that extra hour when we turn the clocks back this weekend. I asked 100 people what they would do that extra hour. Here are the top line responses:

1) Sleep. By far this was the #1 answer. According to HealthGuidance, 11.1 percent of you did not get enough sleep in the last 30 days. Think it’s no big deal? Fatigue has been cited as contributing to the Exxon Valdez crash, the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, the nuclear accident at Chernobyl and the nuclear accident at the Three Mile Island. So get some sleep.  The BP oil spill? That was just plain greed.

2) Exercise. You can never be too rich or too thin.  I guess thin won because exercising came in at #2. It’s currently estimated that 97 million adults are overweight or obese in this country alone. Since the United States is the undisputed “leader” in obesity, exercising would be a good idea.  I always see tons of new faces at the gym each January, but they pull the disappearing act by February. Then they return for a week or two right before summer and then they’re gone again. You know who you are!  I hope the people who said “exercise” can do it and keep it up.

3) Spend time with family. In my highly non-scientific survey, this rang in at #3 and no wonder. I look around and see people who are over scheduled, stressed and stretched out to the max. So I was glad to see people assigning their extra hour to this. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all get back to a regular kitchen table lifestyle? Remember when Saturdays were days off? Life was good then. Except when we got dragged antiquing.

4) Write a blog post.  Actually, that was my answer and I was the only one with that response. This took me about an hour to write.  So why not put up a post?  Since I’ve already used up my hour, it’s your turn.

What are you going to do with your extra hour?