Clean. Press. Rinse. Repeat.

It was pretty insane.

Today about 150 CrossFit athletes, 400 spectators, event officials and families from all around South Florida gathered at Flamingo Park on South Beach and jumped, ran, lifted and sweat for a great cause: SeeFit benefiting The Vision For Tomorrow Foundation.

The morning started out like most mornings for me…with an AMRAP competition (as many reps as possible). Competitors did clean and presses and kettlebell swings for 6 minutes.

But the event, sponsored by CrossFit 305, was just getting started. Next up was an 800 meter time trial Crossfit style. The men did the first 400 meters carrying a 60 pound sandbag and the women carried 40 pounders.

Then it was a sprint for the finish.

Even if you lost a shoe as my friend Jarret Streiner did.

Now that everyone was nice and limber, it was time for event #3: 10 Thrusters,  10 Burpee box jumpers (a favorite in my house).

Don’t forget 25 one shoe untied lateral jumps…

And 10 pullups. Repeat 3 rounds as fast as you can.

The kids had fun.

“It was great to compete for something that’s going to help someone. It makes you push harder,” said Streiner who took home the silver medal on the day.

Fun. Games. Fitness. Friendly competition. The end.


19 thoughts on “Clean. Press. Rinse. Repeat.

    1. Thank you Staci-

      As I said, it was insane. I wish I could have put more photos in, but this wasn’t about my shots. I was about everyone who put out. Maybe I’ll post some more on Flickr. But all that watching made me tired. Thanks a lot for spending some time here today. Wish you well.


  1. Please kill me if you ever catch me signing up for something like that. I mean, I am all for working out and even moreso for charity, but bodily abuse is hopefully in my past.

    Nice job, Jarret

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