Best Thanksgiving present ever!

“Can I put a picture of your father and I in his casket?” my dad’s cousin Mike D’Amico asked me in 1989.  They were more like brothers than cousins.  He placed the picture on my dad’s heart.

Last night, twenty one years later, I received a link to video footage to my dad’s 2nd birthday and other  footage of my ancestors from the 1930’s!

I guess my Uncle Mike was right about one of his first toys as a two year old– a baseball glove.

Now my Thanksgiving is made. And no, I don’t expect you to sit through our family footage.

May your Thankgiving be with the one’s that you love the most. For some of you this Thanksgiving is going to be your toughest one yet. Maybe this is your first Thanksgiving without a loved one. My first one without my dad wasn’t easy. Same with the first Hanukah, Christmas, New Year’s, their birthday your birthday. And on and on.

But I promise, it will get better. Set a place at the table for them. Celebrate what you had with them.  Share stories. Laugh. Cry. Yes there is forever a hole without them, but only you can fill it. Maybe in 20 years some great family footage will show up in your inbox!

A Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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8 Responses to “Best Thanksgiving present ever!”

  1. jillslaughter Says:

    Two years ago I moved from Los Angeles to South Florida to spend time with my parents, siblings and extended family. Just weeks ago my father’s oldest brohter died and of course it posed the question of how will I absorb and adjust to the inevitable. I don’t know. I don’t know how one remains grateful and thankful during holidays when the people that shaped us as people are no longer at the table. For now I will savor the time with my parents and know that love transcends space and time.

    Happy Thanksgiving Mike.

  2. CreakyGeek Says:

    That is a treasure!! About 15 years ago, my sister and I had our parents’ old reeled home movies transferred to tape. This post reminds me we need to move them to DVD now. That letter’s probably worth something, although I suspect you’re not interested in selling it. 🙂

    Your comments about those missing from the table at Thanksgiving is so true. In 2005, my family had two major losses and that year’s Thanksgiving and Christmas we pretty much went through the motions. I learned over time that it is possible to build a new “normal” but it does take time, and those gone are still with us at the special times of year the same as any other time.

  3. Dayngr Says:

    P.S. My family lived in Brooklyn in the 30’s too!

  4. Dayngr Says:

    Oh my gosh, that IS the best gift ever. I wish I had something like that. I miss my parents every single day.

  5. blackwatertown Says:

    Good post. This may seem bizarre, but it’s never really struck me that Thanksgiving can be so personal. What a great name for a feast day or holiday – thanksgiving.
    Bit schmaltzier than my usual style, but hey, you got my mind working along different lines for a change.
    (By the way, I’ve added a link to you back at the ranch. Not sure what to put as your description. Feel free to suggest something better than what’s there at the minute.)

  6. NataschaOS Says:

    What a beautiful present! Enjoy showing your son all your family’s heritage and the memories will live on inside of him for generations to come! Happy Thanksgiving My Friend 😉

  7. Chuck Says:


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