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Social Media, Gangsta Style!

December 29, 2010

Wanted to cap the year off with a little rap video.

Everyone have a great New Year and my best to you all!



Happy Holidays from Mike LaMonica’s Blog!

December 20, 2010

Shout out f’all y’all!

Enjoy your holidays and thanks for spending your precious time with me.

Quick but heartfelt holiday thanks to everyone!



Do you patronize your local businesses?

December 18, 2010

Attention non-Kmart shoppers!  Keeping your business local is a beautiful thing.

I just bought a watch from my local jeweler in South Miami- South Miami Jewelers.  It’s a family owned and operated business that owner Geoffrey Meurrens says, “After 26 years, we’re becoming a South Miami icon- almost a landmark. Many of our customers have been coming in for at least 15 to 20 years. We’ve seen our clients’ children grow out of their strollers and turn into young men and women.”  I received an extra level of service and answers to a bajilloin questions I’ve had about my new watch. Hey, I know the internet, but can’t program a watch…

My next local guy, The Big Cheese. Great pizzeria/restaurant and another local institution, 25 years and going.  The Big Cheese has supported way too many local initiatives to list here not to mention serving up super food, pizza dough for the kids and an overall great experience. They were one of our generous hosts for our Twitter event, the #Chevypizzacrawl 305 edition. They even opened early for me last Super Bowl so I could pick up 100 chicken wings. Asked about my chicken wing order, Kitchen Manager Jarrod Ordonez said, “We help our customers and our local causes in any way we can. I could have done your chicken wing order in my sleep. We’re not going to say no to you.” And he didn’t mean me, he meant his customers and the community. Props to The Big Cheese.

Next up, Kendall Toyota. Bought 4 vehicles from them.  Whenever I need anything there, it’s done. I love my new Prius, but I did go too dark on the tints. I can’t see anything…ask for Mr. Shah or A.J. In service, ask for Carlos Rubio. Tell them I sent you.

Even though the internet has changed  the way we shop, I still do my best to patronize and promote my friends both in and outside of Social Media.  Like Sueanne Shirzay’s Etsy shop. Get your orders for hand-crafted bling in!


Do you support your local businesses? Who are they? Name names! Why do you support them? Or why don’t you support them?  Have a great holiday y’all!