Social Media, Gangsta Style!

Wanted to cap the year off with a little rap video.

Everyone have a great New Year and my best to you all!



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18 Responses to “Social Media, Gangsta Style!”

  1. Jenny Says:

    This was hilariously disturbing. My kinda crazy, mister!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Brilliant, gotta run, peed my pants laughing at the app peeps! Keep up the fabulous blogging in 2011!

  3. Terez W. Says:

    Hilarious! The robot was jammin’! Happy New Year Mike!

  4. Vicequeenmaria Says:


    That twitter bird was adorable!

    Happy New Year, Mike!

  5. The Dude Dean Says:

    Awesome! We need to team up on a white guys rapping video….

  6. South Florida Food and Wine Says:

    da’ man wit da’ flow

  7. craig Says:

    This ain’t no ordinary tweet boyyyy hahahaha

  8. Jan Idelman Says:

    Mike,that is hilarious! You are quite multi-talented. Happy New Year!

  9. Rob Says:

    Wow. That is hilarious and so random. I am beginning to see the full scope of your abilities! Happy New Year, Mike.


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