23 thoughts on “How can I win?

  1. I was going to go post a long answer as to why you should have told him to mind his own freakin’ business and then I read Joel’s reply. He said everything I wanted to say and added the Fight Club reference for good measure.

  2. Give your son $10 to wash the car. the same grump would have thought… On how nice.. It’s good to see hard working young men.


    Wash it with windex? Club soda?

    1. Hi Annette!

      My mom washed my dad’s car with Windex many years ago and it really messed up the paint on his new Alfa Romeo, so I’ll pass on that one. My son does help and he likes to but he wasn’t around…my best to ya’ll!


      1. That’s funny. Though I’m sure Aunt Elsa and Uncle Chuck did’t think so at the time. I’ll keep the windex on the windows. It’s good to learn from other people’s mistakes.

  3. Unfortunately you can’t please every one, there’s always someone pitching in their 2 cents. My friend do the best you can when you can and if that’s not good enough then fuck ’em and feed ’em fish.

  4. You can’t win. This is Floriduh. There’s always some douchebag trying to get everyone to conform to his or her standards because living here is supposed to be a 24/7 vacation and god forbid anyone do anything to invade their personal space or upset their harmony. If you live on this planet, you’re a drain on its resources no matter the amount. I suppose that dickwad was riding back to his teepee in the forest? Ask him how many different natural resources were used to design, build, and transport his bicycle. How many polluting factories and vehicles contributed to getting that bike in his possession? Monstrous construction equipment was used to mine the metal in his frame. Those drills and dump trucks don’t run on sunshine and rabbit farts. Any plastic on the bike can be traced back to petroleum oil wells. People are idiots and don’t realize they’re just as much of a problem as everyone else.

    Next time tell him to mind his fucking business and then give him a nice spritz from the hose (a la Fight Club).

    1. Hey man-

      Random thought. Maybe I can be like the old skool college professors who have 20 year old Volvo’s that have never seen a wash. Eh, probably not. I don’t use a lot of water. Probably just a random hater passing by. I just hit “block” on him and report for spam.


  5. Take it to a car wash… Like that you’re also stimulating the economy by having other folks wash it for you. Job security for the poor guys washing the car. Or tell the guy on the bike that chicks dig guys with clean ‘cars’ 😉

    1. Holita!

      Sometimes I take it to the wash guys near…CASOLA’S! Freedom Oil right near Beber. They are great. But something’s telling me they’re not kicking out recycled water…


  6. Unless you’re teaching your son a lesson in responsibility or enjoying yourself washing your car, use the one at the gas station. I think they do a better job with less water and less elbow grease and don’t require you to wash your clothes afterward and takes less time.

    However, I’d have probably told that guy to shut the fuck up, and to mind his own business. Oh, and I don’t find non-hybrid cars to be evil and can’t justify the extra spend to balance the gas spend difference savings over a regular lease period either. I’ll do what I can, but I don’t believe the planet is collapsing from every direction which you hear about every night on CNN.

    1. Hi Rob-

      The only reason why you’d lease one is if you want to be green(er). Or I guess you can do it to be a “reverse poser.”

      I bought so I’m so hopefully it may someday pay out in fuel costs. But I like to wash it. It’s relaxing, I think i do a better job. And it’s a break from watching all the horrible stuff on CNN.

      Best to ya.


  7. Tell ’em that the drag coefficient is actually less when the car is clean and that you save so much gas that you’re helping the environment.

    Or just ignore ’em.


    1. Rick, your right. I once saw a commercial for an airline (may have been FedEx) saying that they wash their planes to save on fuel. But I’ll take the latter advice, thanks.


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