The Dot-Com Super Bowl: My Look Back

The subject line read: S.O.S.! Need Super Bowl commercial for Sunday!

Here’s how the chain reaction started ☛ without telling anyone, the then Chairman of, Steve Chapin, called up ABC and plunked down for two :30 second spots ☛ there was less than a week to dream it up, get it approved and ship it off to ABC ☛ Tim Hanlon, Lifeminders Chief Marketing Officer, my friend and former co-worker at Bozell, N.Y. called the Agency of Record, Fallon McElligott ☛ Fallon smartly refuses to produce commercial on such short notice ☛ Tim sends S.O.S email ☛ hops on  plane to Miami.  I go to liquor store.

During the Dot-Com Boom, that was  just they way things happened.  How high was up and there was no end in sight. Maybe that’s why Lifeminders is 1 of 8 Dot-Coms that spent millions during that Super Bowl that no longer exist.

Anyway, I remember that we had any production budget we needed to get it done.  But we didn’t have the time to spend it.  I forget how this all shook out but here’s the commercial we thought of, got approved, produced, shipped and aired twice during the 2000 Dot-Com Bowl.

We got written up in a bunch of publications.  But my favorite recollection was that it was Howard Stern’s favorite commercial because he said , “it was no bullshit.”

Lots of the memories of exactly how things got done are fuzzy. I just remember pushing the piano player around so he played badly for our originally scored soundtrack.  Maybe the task was best summed up by Hanlon who said, “It was the first time the bar bill exceeded the production bill.”

What are your memories of the Dot-Com Super Bowl? How do you think the “Social Bowl” of 2011 will be different? Your thoughts are always welcome here.