The problem with car dealer ads

I’m confused by most of them and I bet you are too.

What if anything separates them? The offer? The music? The tone?  To me, most suffer from a certain uniformity. Many scream. And when you get to the dealership there’s one car available at the price mentioned in the commercial — and it’s gone.  Let’s take a look at a few…

Pop quiz:

-What was your favorite commercial?

-Which of these deals seem best to you?

-Do you feel like any place is going to give you the bait and switch?

Well, if you noticed something was amiss, good for you.  If you didn’t, I pulled a bait and switch on you to prove a point. None of the video tracks go with the audio tracks and vice versa. Yes, I just switched them.  And even if you noticed, the commercials still kind of seem right, don’t they?

Well that’s today’s ad lesson for the day. Or better said by the late Bill Bernbach: “In advertising, not to be different is virtual suicide.”


The views expressed here are my own.

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