I might win the ’99 Tour de France

I guess Tyler Hamilton is one of those rare folks whose memory improves with age. Or did an upcoming book he’s writing jog his memory to confess to using banned performance enhancing substances?

I usually stand by 60 Minutes. But in last week’s story on Lance Armstrong there was one brief mention about what could be Hamilton’s motivation. “He’s writing a book.” Four words in the whole 35-minute double length segment.

Hamilton says he kept the secret for 14 years. And now he miraculously recalls in precise detail every time he used banned substances with Lance Armstrong?  What was scarier about the 60 minutes report was the implication that everyone did it. So I guess by the time they strip all the medals one by one, I figure I’m in line for the gold.

I’m not a lawyer, but what do you think of this mess?  Does the testing science speak for itself? Or does Lance need Johnny Cochran?

The most ironic thing in all this? The commercial on the broadcast for the performance enhancing drug–Viagra.


Huge Day in Miami Hoops!

Move over big three.

Today the Miami Mega Heat of the Beth Am basketball league for 3rd and 4th graders will play in the semi-final and hopefully the final game of the spring season. The game that propelled them further into playoff bore an eerily similar resemblance to a recent Miami Heat game.  First a forced overtime period and the game was decided then with the Mega Heat prevailing. So on that day there were two rounds of parental angina, but happily everyone survived.

Today, there are at least four teams of 8 and 9 year olds with big dreams of taking it all home. And countless others on playgrounds and in in parks all around the United States. I hope they play our National Anthem like they did here. What a moving moment for all of us.

God bless our children. And God bless our men and women in uniform who provide us with the blanket of freedom to play today.

Go Heat!


Is Photoshop a threat to national security?

OK, release the photo. Put an Oval Office stamp on it. Certify it.  Whatever. There are still plenty who will call it a fake.

I’m not great at Photoshop, but a real Photoshop pro can do anything with anything.  So right here on my page, I’ve released some authentic photos that took from two to ten minutes to prepare.  If we really took time, they could be really convincing. Plus, I’ve already seen a few bad fakes that even I could spot. But what if I had my folks do a few real quick to make a point?

Now you see her…

Now you don’t.

Here’s one of Dan Marino and Anthony of Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza…

And here I am with Dan. He always like to hang out with me. Yes, it’s from the same picture. Dan just needed a new shirt and we flopped the photo. Note the guy in the hat behind we let slide…

Couple looks too young?

There’s an app for that.

Shot not moody enough?

Let’s make it an hour later.

I’m looking a little staid here.

Now I’m so hood.

To release or not to release, that is the question. I don’t know what it would accomplish. I’m not a Photoshop giant (I suck). But a real Photoshop pro could do anything with anything. What do you think?


And as an extra bonus, our President visits LeTub!

The danger with scheduled social media updates

I’ve been saying this for a while. Pretend you’ve scheduled an update for 11:45 p.m. on May 1, 2011. Well, here are some updates I just saw:

-Eight ways to get that beach body…

-First featured burger for National Hamburger Month…

-How important is exercise…

-Thanks for the RT. I appreciate you. xoxo..

-Our next COMMON.is project…

-Gary Vaynerchuk along with his wine web show Winelibrary.tv…

-Japan, SKorean markets rise amid Asian holidays…

-The Ultimate Roast Chicken…

-BOLOWIND: Wind energy offshore system…

-♦Learning From Twitter’s Top 75 B.A. Women

-Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: Royal Weddings and Human Idols

-Ad: If you like foursquare you’ll love @wereward for iphone earn cash for checkins at locations and with products

-♦Learning From Twitter’s Top 75 B.A. Women

I would think that at this time in American history, we should be focusing on this historic moment that has been too long in the waiting. And now I will hit the publish button. Everyone, practice safe social media. What’s your take on this?


Please note that I monitor several social media streams and certain of these I follow out of business necessity.

Smile Donald!

When you go to the White House Correspondents Dinner, you’re supposed to dress formal and bring your sense of humor.

The highlight? The Trump bashing. It was like open chest day when I was a kid. Obama let him have it. Seth Myers really let him have it. So you don’t have to fish around for it, here’s a quick Trump bashing highlights reel with a special bonus ☞☞☞ Rick Scott is sitting camera right and is looking at looking at Trump like a puppy looks for a reward after going wee wee on the newspaper. So have a look:

I will give Trump one thing. It was the only time I’ve ever seen him quiet. I can’t wait for his attempt at a comeback.

Additional bonus: Here’s Cedric The Entertainer from a Bush II White house Correspondents dinner roasting Condalezza Rice. I love this clip.


P.S. I just looked at the SFDB sidebar and saw Random Pixels posted up one that is better than this. But you can’t have too much of a good thing…