The danger with scheduled social media updates

I’ve been saying this for a while. Pretend you’ve scheduled an update for 11:45 p.m. on May 1, 2011. Well, here are some updates I just saw:

-Eight ways to get that beach body…

-First featured burger for National Hamburger Month…

-How important is exercise…

-Thanks for the RT. I appreciate you. xoxo..

-Our next project…

-Gary Vaynerchuk along with his wine web show…

-Japan, SKorean markets rise amid Asian holidays…

-The Ultimate Roast Chicken…

-BOLOWIND: Wind energy offshore system…

-♦Learning From Twitter’s Top 75 B.A. Women

-Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: Royal Weddings and Human Idols

-Ad: If you like foursquare you’ll love @wereward for iphone earn cash for checkins at locations and with products

-♦Learning From Twitter’s Top 75 B.A. Women

I would think that at this time in American history, we should be focusing on this historic moment that has been too long in the waiting. And now I will hit the publish button. Everyone, practice safe social media. What’s your take on this?


Please note that I monitor several social media streams and certain of these I follow out of business necessity.

16 thoughts on “The danger with scheduled social media updates

  1. um.. I don’t get it.

    I saw your post on quite frankly this terribly written article here and I’m reading this article and it’s so lackadaisical that I have no idea what point is it you’re trying to make. I’m assuming it has something to do with the assassination of Osama Bin Laden but I can barely tell what.

    So I’ve kinda inferred the point that a scheduled tweet during the wild times would get lost? But I’m not really seeing that as a major downside. It’s not like Bin Laden is the central point of my life or everyone’s life. We do thing. Heather makes a note about people looking foolish or tone-deaf but I’m not seeing how. Are we all supposed to stop tweeting when breaking news is coming out?

    It’s not like I scheduled a joke about the Japanese and it tweeted out when the tsunami happened. That might be tacky. “Thinner thighs” isn’t a bad tweet because it’s poor timing. Was Bin Laden known for his thighs or something? It’s a bad tweet because it’s spam. It would still be spam if it went out during the state of the union. It would still be spam if it went out at 2am LA time.

    By the same token it’s not insensitive to tweet a thank you for following during a CNN special news broadcast. Maybe it’s insensitive if CNN sent it but I haven’t seen anything in the post (which I maintain was written so poorly I can’t tell what’s going on) or in the comments to indicate WHO is sending these tweets.

    If you don’t like scheduled tweets that’s one thing and I can understand that but there’s no good reason given here.

    1. Hi Wolfkin and thanks for stopping by-

      In the old days there was a saying called “stop the presses!” I thought that this was a big moment for our country, both happy as well as sad. Whatever you think it was, you can’t deny that it was big.

      I understand the how and why of scheduling tweets for practical reasons. But imagine this automated Tweet that was set for September 11, 2001 at 10:45 a.m.

      Good morning New York! Beautiful day for a run near the Statue of Liberty! Check out my running blog at (insert link here). Yes, it’s rare and may be extreme, but it could have happened.

      I thought that particular point in time when The President came on was a stop the presses moment, yet people just babbled on like nothing important in their world had happened. On the flip side, it’s a great way to make the front page of the New York Post.

      That’s just my POV. I also want to thank you. I agree that thin thighs in 30 days is just a spammy message anyway. You make some great points that are counter to my post and I appreciate it.

      Also, I think we have different opinions of what this moment meant to us.

      Thanks again-


  2. I don’t see what’s so wrong about scheduling tweets. Yes that breaking story might just be lost in the 5-10 scheduled tweets you have but there is an option to add other tweets during the day – for when you hear about that breaking story.

    Automated tweets I dislike – it goes against the whole concept of twitter.

    I don’t schedule my tweets – but I am considering it very much as I like to set an allotted time during the day for twitter usage; thus allowing for an hour of content-searching and writing tweets that adds value to the people reading the tweets and links.

    It’s more about how you use it as opposed to what you use.

  3. This happened to me once. Was going out to lunch w/my son and scheduled some tweets. There happened to be a robbery in the restaurant which we witnessed so I tweeted it. Five minutes later my frivolous, non-related scheduled tweet sent. Not worth it!

    1. Eh, don’t beat yourself up on that one. Who knew? But I think last night was a bit different.

      Anyone running any kind of feed had a full hour notice plus an extra hour because the announcement was running late. That should be plenty of time to put the brakes on rather than “thanks for the RT xoxo:))).”

      If what you do is mission critical, I always have a kill switch, not so much for me but for my clients.

      I’m so glad you could stop in and more than that glad you didn’t get hurt during the robbery.


  4. I can’t believe you didn’t want thinner thighs in 30 days! LOL I actually did not watch TV last night. I don’t watch TV (except Family Guy on DVR after the boys go to bed)… I do not auto-post. But I find auto-posting altogether to be completely annoying. Anytime. IMHO

  5. Some people don’t follow the news so closely. I didn’t realize Osama Bin Laden was dead until about 15 minutes ago. I get the news once a day and that’s it.

  6. I noticed it on the night of the earthquake, tsunami & subsequent humanitarian disaster in Japan. It made a whole lot of people look foolish and tone-deaf to humanity.

    1. Hi Heather-

      Last night I didn’t want thin thighs in 30 days. It really can zap the human element that this whole thing is supposed to inject.


  7. You beat me to it. It’s now certainly easy to spot the people who are using scheduled posts or autoresponders, or who are simply tone-deaf.

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