I might win the ’99 Tour de France

I guess Tyler Hamilton is one of those rare folks whose memory improves with age. Or did an upcoming book he’s writing jog his memory to confess to using banned performance enhancing substances?

I usually stand by 60 Minutes. But in last week’s story on Lance Armstrong there was one brief mention about what could be Hamilton’s motivation. “He’s writing a book.” Four words in the whole 35-minute double length segment.

Hamilton says he kept the secret for 14 years. And now he miraculously recalls in precise detail every time he used banned substances with Lance Armstrong?  What was scarier about the 60 minutes report was the implication that everyone did it. So I guess by the time they strip all the medals one by one, I figure I’m in line for the gold.

I’m not a lawyer, but what do you think of this mess?  Does the testing science speak for itself? Or does Lance need Johnny Cochran?

The most ironic thing in all this? The commercial on the broadcast for the performance enhancing drug–Viagra.


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9 Responses to “I might win the ’99 Tour de France”

  1. blackwatertown Says:

    It’s a shame that his record is now permanently sullied despite his incredible achievements. On the other hand, you get to wear the yellow vest.

    • Mike LaMonica Says:

      Paul I agree this is sad and even if proven innocent, will damage his brand/reputation. A secret I’ve been hiding for 14 years as well. I did performance enhancing drugs in the 90’s so I think the yellow vest may go to you:)


  2. Alisa Says:

    Tyler didn’t just remember what he had done, he is just talking about it. Everyone doped in the 90’s…everyone. But there was a code of silence, you didn’t talk about it you denied it. I don’t think he’s lying and I don’t think he’s doing this because of his book deal. Look at Hincapie, in front of the grand jury he had to finally tell the truth. It’s not a suprise to us cyclists, but to the americans who think that Lance is super human and a hero it will be a big blow. There are many people who doped who still haven’t been caught. Still people dope today.

    Lance is a very very powerful man, he was always 1 step ahead of everyone and had the resources to do it. His connection with the UCI (his donations) is interesting and then the idea there was a positive test but UCI and Lance and people swept it under the carpet. There a magic number that the riders keep below, it’s really not that scientific, just stay below the number and your good. Get greedy and slip and you’ll get caught.

    Lance is caught in a lie. A lie that all other cyclists are caught up in (the one’s that doped, which is very very high). Problem is he’s going to continue to lie. But if they get more testimony from the grand jury – first Tyler and now Hincapie, they will indict him and he’ll go down!

    • Mike LaMonica Says:

      Hi Alisa-

      It’s not just Americans who may think that Lance Armstrong is a super hero. His support base is global, although perhaps less so in France which, from looking at your blog, appears to be where you’re located . Again, I’m not an expert on the “juicing 90’s of cycling.”

      All I can verify is that many have been caught in testing and not Mr. Lance Armstrong. Also, I am not a lawyer, but I did just call a US Federal Prosecutor that I know. Here’s what I got back: “If it be true that all these people say they personally saw Lance Armstrong taking illegal drugs, they will likely get an indictment but it is a hard case to prove beyond a reasonable doubt at trial.”

      Alisa, you sound like you want him to go down. Is that true? All he does is ride a bike. It’s not like he’s the next prospective President of France and allegedly raped the hotel staff or something like that.

      Thanks for stopping by and for weighing in.


  3. Rob Says:

    Come on Mike. Everyone was juicing in the 90’s. I’m sure there will be people that come to rat you out too if you try to claim the medal :)) Actually, that sounds a little like I don’t believe the book writer, which is false. I think Lance is doomed.

    • Mike LaMonica Says:

      I dunno Rob. He was tested like all these other guys. Many of them were caught? I’m not a super pro about who was or wasn’t juicing in the 90’s. On this one, I’m not sure. So I contacted an attorney on some basics, just for you.

      Here’s what I got back: If they are seeking to indict him, the standard is probable cause to believe that he committed the crime. At trial, the standard for conviction is beyond a reasonable doubt. If there is only witness testimony with no physical evidence, then it seems a very hard case to prove at trial, but they may be able to get an indictment.

  4. TheDudeDean Says:

    Lance passed all his drug tests for many years. He must be a super ninja chemist and/or have some Docs helping him out.

    • Mike LaMonica Says:

      I find it hard to believe with being tested hundreds of times, he never got caught once while others did…


    • Ray Medina Says:

      That’s exactly my view on all of this.. I don’t understand how come he wasn’t caught 10 years ago. Really??? The guy is one of the most tested athletes in the sport of cycling and now, after soooo many years, they are going to accuse him of doping??? It just doesn’t make sense.

      All I can say this… Even if he comes out GILTY now, there is NOT a single cyclist that can freaking ride like this guy… I don’t care how much drug he has put in his buddy… If he doesn’t move those legs, the drugs won’t move them… (7 tours, multiple single day races, Ran a couple of Marathons and still loves the sport).

      He will always be in my TOP list.

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