Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

Remember the commercial on the Super Bowl featuring Eminem touting the “Imported from Detroit” theme?

Actually this year, it was the only commercial that connected with me on Super Sunday, the Super Bowl of commercials. Seriously, I can’t remember who won the game or what the score was or even who played in it. But I remember this commercial. Apparently Audi AG liked it more than I did.

Because Audi has a piece of film out that is such a blatant ripoff that Eminem’s publisher, Eight Mile Style LLC,  has sued Audi.  And now Audi has responded with a unique defense. The “it’s not a commercial” defense. I love it! Wait, what’s that? They are using the it’s not a commercial defense but the YouTube upload is entitled: new Audi A6 Avant commercial 2012 / Audi A6 Avant Werbung. An article by Noreen O’Leary of Adweek will let you see the ads side by side.

But another way to judge is to use one of my old tricks ☞ swap out the audio tracks and you decide.

I don’t get why anyone would so blatantly “borrow the inspiration” from a song that is so popular, had 30 million+ views on YouTube alone not counting millions and millions of Super Bowl eyeballs on it. What, did they think no one would notice? Did you notice?

Do you think Audi ripped off Eminem? Or do you let this one slide? Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

Your turn. Take the wheel.


3 thoughts on “Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

  1. Great post, Mike. Sadly, this uncreative approach is all too common in commercials, which is one of the things that drove me away from advertising music and toward forming PALO! There are so many factors behind this kind of cowardly mimicking. I could go on, but here’s my bottom line:

    Uncreative and highly derivative, yes. Copyright infringement? Probably not, unless it could be proven that the average listener would think that the music was actually Eminem, in which case there might be an argument for “implied endorsement”.

    There are so many other ways to get great music into advertising. Unfortunately, too often, the copycat, cookie cutter mentality wins.

    The composer of the Audi track would have been more clever to change the key and tempo slightly. 😉

    1. Steve you are being so measured with your words. Uncreative? That’s the nicest way I could imaging couching it!

      Whatever got you to form Palo! was worth it. I could beat this up. I mean really? What’s that new show, “The Voice?” A reasonable person could tell this was a rip with their eyes closed.

      Thank you my friend.


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