How do you play comment roulette?

I thought I had it all figured out.

I read a great article by Ray Beckerman entitled Twitter etiquette for commenting on tweets & blog posts. And now I’m confused again. You can all blame Marc Kevin Hall.

A  little while back M.K. and I were talking about this www confusion of sorts face to face (yes that still happens). And he said something like “Feedback is always welcome, no matter the medium.” A quick Google of social networks will yield you over 150 active results of social media platforms. What to do?

Where do you leave comments on a blog post? On Facebook? Try to cram then in on Twitter? Do you leave your YouTube comments on YouTube? StumbleUpon it? digg it? Comment on Myspace (formerly MySpace)? Retweet a Vimeo link? Facebook a Technorati story? Shout it out on Foursquare where you’re reading it? Share it with your devoted Branchout empire? Toss it around on Tumblr? Was the pizza so good you bypass Yelp and use delicious? Are Weiner pictures too racy for your LinkedIn feed?

I thought Ray had it all straightened out.  So many platforms, so many choices. How do you play comment roulette these days?


4 thoughts on “How do you play comment roulette?

  1. Bloody hell – are there that many these days?
    What do I do? I always leave a comment on the blog – seems sensible. I may also tweet it – more often these days.
    A tweet I like I may reply to and retweet.
    Same with facebook – most likely to comment there and then, may also like it, may also share it.
    But linkedin I keep completely separate in terms of comments etc.
    As for all the others… Nah – enough’s enough.

  2. My traffic has been down lately. There was a Google update 4 months ago that put some companies out of business. I’m not really sure if that affected me or if my content has gotten suckier or old.

    So I started commenting a lot more lately, on real blogs. I’ve always done Twitter but it’s kinda bullshit. Facebook is double bullshit. I want real readers, ones that will come back, so I don’t care about followers or likes or any of that.

    So I’ve tried to make 5-10 real comments per day for a few weeks. Not BS stupid stuff but comments where I have some real input. They are easy places to find. I don’t find it a problem to promote myself there if I add value. Blog comments last for future readers. The rest are there and gone.

    1. Well if your traffic has been down, it’s not because of suckier content. I try to share what you do with many people on a lot of days.

      I think your idea to make a comment commitment is a good one. I just wish I had more to contribute on the finer points of beer as I had a Coors Light yesterday…

      Also, I wanna know what this Google thing was. I’ll e-mail you. Thanks Rob.


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