Read this or I could get whacked

It was a beautiful clash of new skool and and old skool.

Last Tuesday night I was invited to break bread with Anthony Bruno, founder of Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza.  Some of Miami’s finest bloggers, social media types and techies dined on a San Gennaro style feast that included hand-rolled meatballs with ricotta cheese, Anthony’s delectable Eggplant Marino and their famous Coal Oven Roasted Chicken Wings.

Not to mention three different pizzas cooked in an 850 degree coal fired oven which scorched my knuckle hair when I brought my Flip Video too close to it. We dined family style in true Italian fashion, yet many faces glowed in the fluorescence thrown off from their handheld devices.  Not even an AT&T South Florida outage could quiet this digitally loquatious bunch as many of us knew to switch to the EDGE network.

The highlight of our night was our time spent with Anthony. Here’s some film I grabbed with the help of photographer and trouble maker nonpareil, Carlos Miller of Photography is Not a Crime fame. Could we ambush Anthony Bruno Punk’d style? Would he bite or would he send it back to the kitchen? Let’s go to the videotape.

As you can see Anthony can spot a Photoshop fugazi from a mile away.

Leave a comment here or on my YouTube channel for a chance to win a $25.00 gift certificate or you’re officially stoonad!

But wait, there’s more! As a special bonus, I’ll be giving away a second $25.00 gift certificate! No separate shipping and handling!

My local Anthony’s Coal Fired in Pinecrest sweetened the deal and donated an additional $25.00 gift certificate. So I’ll be giving away two $25.00 gift certificates to commenters either here or on my YouTube channel. Winners announced July 22nd! Leave a comment in either place or you might get sent for, capiche?


Disclosure: I have not been compensated other than with Eggplant Marino for the above post.

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20 Responses to “Read this or I could get whacked”

  1. Roberta Quintero Says:

    I live in Pinecrest right around the corner from the Coral Fried you went to. It is by far the bet pizza in town. We love eat in or take out when we can afford it! Anthony we did not know JUST how New York you were. Thanks for bring a bit of the North we so miss to the South…..
    Roberta Anndell Sam and Rose Quintero

  2. Ellie M Says:

    Mike! Me ❤ pizza! Pick me 🙂

  3. Natascha OS Says:

    Great video! The music of The Godfather might have gone great with Anthony’s face throughout the whole thing – yeap, he does have that seriousness of “you-might-get-whacked-if” …

  4. Jeff Says:

    I like the meatball and ricotta pizza along with a large order of meatballs. I like Anthony’s meatballs.

  5. Joel Says:

    Any chance they’ll bring back the Mike’s Meat Lovers pizza that won you their contest a while back?

  6. Chuck Says:

    Sounds great! They just opened one near me and I can’t wait to try it.

  7. Courtney Perets Says:

    I enjoyed the video 🙂 The first time I went to Anthony’s was at his Ft. Lauderdale location, my family members are Anthony’s groupies. Now that there’s one in Stuart it’s become a weekly outing!

  8. Ashley Rodriguez Says:

    Too funny!

  9. STAN Says:

    The video was great but no as good as the meatball pie!

  10. Sabrina Says:

    Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza is pure deliciousness! I always enjoy reading people’s good experiences with restaurants or other businesses. I’m glad you enjoyed the pizza, now it’s my turn. (please) Sharing IS caring. 😉

  11. suzy meyer Says:

    Great post love me some anthonys pizza.

  12. Deep Says:

    Anthony’s CFP makes some delicious pies. My fav has to be the Paul n Young Ron. Great place for the family.

  13. ilene weinberg troy Says:

    I graduated with Anthony in 1980 in NY. I currently live in the metro Atlanta area and would love to see several ACFPs open here. Please help!!

  14. Maria Says:

    LOL I think Anthony was traumatized about the salami!!!

    Hey Mike, if no one gets that certificate let’s all take each other out to lunch LOL

  15. Jeannette Says:

    Love the video Mike!!! Hope your knuckle hairs grow back quickly, LOL!!!

  16. FoodGuy Li Says:

    Good Stuff. We are thankful for the recent store opening on Long Island and we look forward to a new one opening up later in the month. Great Food, good times and pizza well done! The best wings too!

  17. Brandon Lopez Says:

    That’s good stuff! I could use some ACP right about now!

  18. Leah Says:

    Looks like a fantastic time!!! Anthony is such a great sport!! Loves it!!! And where is my pizza… I’m a hungry bunnie!!

  19. Carlos Miller Says:

    I think you might get whacked for punking Anthony. Hell, now I have to watch my back because I shot the video.

  20. Rob Says:

    That’s awesome! I go once in a while to the location in Plantation, mostly when my kids are off school since they like the pizza a lot. I am also known for winning second place in many of their online giveaways, so what the heck. Second here would be ok too right?

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