What constitutes a legit Google+ account?

There has been much brouhaha over the issue of what constitutes a legitimate Google+account. Many that may have not passed muster have been taken down and Google is apparently ironing out the details. In the process, I hope they allow accounts that bring with them much flavor, levity, add to the conversation, can help shape opinion and dare I say, entertain.
Three examples of such accounts.
1) @BPGlobalPR on Twitter. With 168,00 followers, this account has helped dramatize the shortcoming of the response to this situation.

2) @FakeAPStylebook A Hilarious parody of the APstylebook, with a following of 236,3000.

3) @shitmydadsays With 2.5 million followers this ingenious feed not only landed the author a book deal, But a TV show aswell (don’t know the status).

I’m not trying to turn Google+ into Twitter, but I will say this. I live in Miami, Florida where nightclubs grant access to only those they find to be “beautiful people.” I hope that’s not what + turns out to be and that the final shakeout can be inclusive of alternate accounts that provide value in the eyes of readers.

Homogeneity bores me. I hope the nature of information sharing rounds out nicely so as to steer Google+ away from being a Google+ forum. Yes, there is varied content, but many of the more prominent people are posting quite a bit about Google+ and the “rules of the road.” Or maybe I’m a victim of over share.

Based on the current evaluations, the following feeds would be taken down.

Alan Alda – Alphonso D’Abruzzo
Albert Brooks – Albert Lawrence Einstein
Alice Cooper – Vincent Damon Furnier
Alicia Keys – Alicia Augello Cook
André 3000 – André Benjamin
Anne Bancroft – Anna Maria Italiano
Ashok Kumar – KumudlalKanjilal Ganguly
Babyface – Kenneth Edmonds
Barry Manilow – Barry Alan Pincus
Bela Lugosi – Be’la Ferenc Dezso Blasko
Big Boi – Antwan André Patton
Billie Holiday – Eleanora Fagan
Billy Idol – William Michael Albert Broad
Billy Ocean – Leslie Charles
Bo Diddley – Elias Bates
Bob Dylan – Robert Zimmerman
Bob Hope – Leslie Townes Hope
Bobby Darin – Walden Robert Cassotto
Bonnie Tyler – GaynorHopkins
Bono – Paul Hewson
Boris Karloff – William Henry Pratt
Boy George – George Alan O’Dowd
Buddy Holly – Charles Hardin Holley
Cary Grant – Archibald Alexander Leach
Cat Stevens – Stephen Demetre Georgiou. He later changed his name to Yusuf Islam
Chaka Khan – Yvette Stevens
Charlie Sheen – Carlos Irwin Estevez

There are plenty more, but you get the point.

I hope the final shakeout doesn’t turn out to be a yawn.


His real name was Julius Henry Marx.


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4 Responses to “What constitutes a legit Google+ account?”

  1. Tom Falco Says:

    Still trying to figure Goole + out, I keep hoping the “fad” will die out before I get to it, but then again, who wants Facebook to have a monopoly.

    • Mike LaMonica Says:

      Tom, you can figure it out just by following a few of the “thought leaders” on G+. Since it’s a few weeks old, there is a ton (literally) of “How to Google+” stuff if you Google it. Right now I find it tech skewed, but that will level out.

      Facebook isn’t going anywhere and will be popular for as far as anyone can see. Give it a try. I added you to my circles. It’s really not hard and you might find it real useful and dare I say enjoyable.


  2. Rob Says:

    Hey Mike.

    When you find out, let me know. Using an alias was a no-no over on Facebook. The thought police over there kicked me out for using a fake name. Seriously, if Beer Drinker Rob wasn’t an acceptable name, they should have told me the first day and not after 6 months of building relationships. Certainly I wasn’t misleading anyone into thinking that was my real name.

    That’s one of the reasons I like Twitter. Pretty much anything goes. You can even say Twitter sucks and they don’t let their feelings get hurt.

    • Mike LaMonica Says:

      Rob, that must have sucked after you spent all that time and effort. I can’t swear by Google+ yet, but it definitely is interesting. I am not a big fan of rules of the road police. I hope they work it out. You keep Tweeting. Your feed is great!


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