Is Follow Friday still meaningful to you?

Everyone loves a shout. That’s what Twitter’s all about.

When I jumped on Twitter about two years ago it seemed like the traditional #FF had more meaning than it does today. Mostly. There are still some who do them one by one, they give a reason and it has real meaning.

There are even some “group #FF’s” that are meaningful to me as I know the sender and I try my best to look up the unfamiliar faces.  I took some time last week to see who shouted me out. Some of the retweets were from people that weren’t even following me. I even waited a couple of days to see if they did in in fact take the time to follow me after recommending that others do. And none did. Maybe they didn’t find my feed that interesting but my guess is that they didn’t even look.

Not even the nicest, kindest and most caring person could possibly include everyone, one by one and give a reason.  I think Follow Friday needs to be reinvented or refreshed somehow.  Here one I sent out last week.

Sorry I couldn’t include everyone. I even had to do the titles in two segments as the editing program said it was outside of the known values in the program. Or maybe I need an editing lesson.

What are your thoughts on this whole thing? Has it lost its meaning? Is it just fine by you? Do you ignore the group shouts? Your turn.


16 thoughts on “Is Follow Friday still meaningful to you?

  1. Mike, this is one of the most creative Follow Friday shout-outs I’ve ever seen! Plus the music is wonderful. Honestly, I think most people ignore #FF mentions because it’s usually just a bunch of handles with no context. When I do it, I try to include a reason why the users are mentioned. Still, I think the idea does need an overhaul, but I always respond to a shout-out when I get one.

    1. Thank you Terez. A friend of mine did the music. They’re touring and in new York right now. His site is He’s @gopalo on Twitter. His track made the film!

      #FF is a tough one these day. I’ve seen and received genuine one’s and “chain” one’s. I’m not sure I’ve picked up anyone because it. One thing I ALWAYS do: if one of my people says, “hey my sister is now on Twitter. Show her some love,” I do.

      And even after I’ve done that, there have been times when I have not been followed back. Maybe because many people do it for like a day or two, then bag out.

      One last thing: in over 11,000 tweets, I have never used the word follower. People are people, one by one. Not followers.

      Great weekend.


  2. “Call Me – Eva Mendes” – like it.
    What was the music?
    As for FF – I haven’t paid it much attention in the past – especially as it is usually just a list of tweeters without any given reasons. But I’ve been feeling churlish about it – so I may change my ways.

  3. Hey Mike.

    Thanks for crediting me in the Cerveza category. That was an awesome and meaningful #FF. But real #FF lists are just stupid and mean nothing. In fact, I created my own #FFF, and I’ll let you guess what the first F stands for.

    Personally, I try to promote the sites and blogs and people and posts that I like for whatever reason. Every day. #FF without any reason or explanation means zero. But since it is so recognizable, sometimes I use the hashes so people know the intention of my promos, Monday through Sunday.

    Yeah, I like seeing my name, even in the lists, but I never reply to those. If I do find myself in a new list, sometimes I look at the others I am next to. So I guess it works like that a little.

    1. Hi Rob,

      Thanks for your cameo! I’m with you. Promote people for whatever reason you may like every day. Hey, I even like and promote someone who has a great blog and has become a great social media friend. And she sells earrings. But she has become interesting to me and she’s now a friend.

      Thanks again.


  4. Mike, as usual, I agree with your observations.

    I’m so psyched that @CigarSPHR caught onto the PALO! track on your video and became fans of the band, and then turned his friends onto us too. This kind of thing happens organically with PALO! almost every day. We make friends and fans, one at a time, thanks to friends like you spreading the word.


    Steve Roitstein

  5. Mike,

    Your take on #FF was awesome. In fact I loved the musical score so much I went and researched the band. Once I found Palo on twitter and the interwebs I gave them a #FF mention to my HR peeps who are also into discovering new music.

    So now I got some peeps in Ohio digging them, they get a shoutout from him in OH and the band gives us a nice tweet in return.

    This little film actually got Palo a bit more exposure and I know sold at least 2 albums (I bought one and my friend in Ohio did as well).

    Isn’t that what #FF should truly be about?


    1. That is so great! Steve Roitstein is my buddy and he graciously let me use his music. It makes the movie…and a bunch of us went to see him that Saturday. His site is in case you didn’t know.

      I’ll pass your comments along to Steve and my best to you as always.


  6. I’m very upset I wasn’t included in your #FF shoutout. I will try not to lose too much sleep over it. What bothers me more is when people do Follow Friday on Wednesday! What’s up with that?

    1. Hi Dee!

      I will get you in the next one, promise! I have seen people do Follow Friday, even on a Thursday. I’m guessing it’s people who haven’t looked at their feed in a few days and they’re getting around to responding then.

      I hope all is well with you. Hope to catch you in the morning in Twitterville…


  7. Me personally, I don’t even think people take the advice of those writing the #FF. I was shouted a few times this past Friday, and didn’t gain one follower. I gain more followers just from RT’s than I do from #FF promos. I still write them, and still RT them when I’m mentioned in them just because it’s a cool little plug, but I don’t even think the #FF promo works like it used to. I think people are even finding it to be a nuisance. I agree that they should be “refreshed” in a neat way, similar to the way you did it.

    “Keeping it Official”,

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