For my summer love

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13 Responses to “For my summer love”

  1. Youbetcha' Says:

    Clever! I hate it when school starts… All along old cutler the traffic comes to a grinding halt with the school traffic. Now, Palmer Trinity is going to build out on 184th, old cutler pres has school envy and wants one and another charter school wants to build on your beloved US1 and Franjo Road… What part of gridlock do our county/city officials do not understand ? Duh.

  2. Maria Says:

    Seriously – Old Cutler, Ingraham, McFarlane and Bayshore are you friends.

  3. Maria Says:


  4. Thomas Niel Garcia Says:

    Everybody breaks up with US1 at some point – almost all of them come crawling back.

  5. TheDudeDean Says:

    I take it you’re talking about that part of US1 where I-95 ends and merges into it, right? The highway that turns into a parking lot?

    • Mike LaMonica Says:

      Dean, it even backs up past U.S. 1 and into downtown on weekdays starting at about 2:30. It’s brutal. Metrorail is the only way to get there quickly–if it happens to stop where you’re going. Other than that, it holds you hostage.

  6. Rob Says:

    Haha. Yeah, I really don’t miss living over on the East Coast of Broward!

  7. @Sistermary Says:

    It’s really cool that I know a genius. 😀

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