Miami football rundown w/o 8/15/2011

1) The Miami Hurricanes mess came out. While it’s sad, I’m not too surprised. Kinda like breaking the news that JFK had a wandering eye. Do you think it’s just the Hurricanes? I think not. My eyebrow did go up with one of the shocking line items though. You know which one.

2) The FIU football team had an outing on South Beach. After doing 3-a-day practices, coach Mario Cristobal took the guys in two giant-sized buses to bowl at Lucky Strike and then came and visited my son and I at Nikki Beach. One player said the field temperature the day before 124 degrees, so a little cooling off was in order. Great bunch of guys. We had a football and they played catch with my son. The highlight of his day was getting tackled by one of their linebackers.

3) The Dolphins looked good even though it was just the preseason and just the Panthers. Reggie Bush looked great and lit up the stands. He also looked great on Sunday’s TV show, The Same Name.

4) The highlight of the week: Pee Wee football is in full swing. I happened to pass by an intense preseason session at The South Miami Community Center and grabbed some snapshots.

That’s my weekly sports wrap. What are some of your highlights from this week? Signing off from South Miami, Mike LaMonica reporting.

2 thoughts on “Miami football rundown w/o 8/15/2011

  1. Pictures are awesome as usual, love the little kid faces.

    As for UM, yeah, I’m sure there are other cheaters. That doesn’t make it right and I hope they all get caught and punished to the fullest extent allowed. And Donna Shalala should really be on top of that stuff. She is NOT an idiot. Wasn’t this program a weapons carrying organization not too long ago? Financial violations are child’s play for them.

    And Reggie Bush. He dated Kim K right? Oh, never mind. All of those jokes have been done.

    1. Hey Rob,

      I’d rather see Reggie Bush on the Dolphins field than in a 15 million dollar wedding and I bet he feels the same way.

      Now Shalala syas there are 15 current players under investigation. So there’s will be some kind of trouble coming down for them. Sad, but it’s either them or her and I bet she’ll chose herself. I would have thought she they would have vetted their donors better. A bad freeze frame in all this is her standing next to Shapiro with a 50G check. I never heard a proclamation that they gave it back so we’ll see.

      The Pee Wee’s pics? Anyone cold have nabbed those. Cuteness is easy to document.


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