Me and Lil Wayne-Chillin

I sometimes wonder if there could be such a thing as social media over-engagement.

At what point are there so many comments and so many reactions from so many people coming so fast and so many of them not relating to each other so there there is no real conversation thread and so many of them being shared and commented on based on one word?

It’s pretty mind-boggling for a blogger to think that 11,336 people took the time to comment and 162 took the time to essentially reblog it.

So I thought I’d pop up the same thing. Actually, I like what my friends wrote and I could have coaxed more out of the thread but wanted to compare apples to apples.

Thank you to  Jose Boza, Christina Flores Gomez-Pina, Jeanette Mantilla and Chuck Greenberg. And a big thanks to Scott Eddy for the idea for this post.


Saturday in my little town

I didn’t catch his name but he played beautiful music.

He told me that he’s written 5 songs and this is one of them.

The South Miami Farmer’s Market was in full swing today. Face painters, story tellers, a bounce house for the kids. If you have two and a half minutes, take a look at what happened in my little town on this sunny day in South Florida.  I hope yours was just as good.


A squirrel’s nest…where?

So after about 15 years of driving Jeeps, I de-Jeeped myself for a Prius.

I knew I’d miss my Jeep and being a card carrying member of the Jeep community, but I thought I’d do my part. While I may not lay down in front of Sequoias when the guys with chainsaws are coming, every little bit helps. Since the de-Jeeping, 3 of my friends have gone on to buy one. Which is cool but at least they could have picked a different color than mine. Oh well.

In the last year and a half, I’ve learned about a few of the downsides of Prius ownership. Like the time I was washing it and some guy comes biking by the house and yells, “Stop wasting water!” Or the lack of Prius comradery. Even though I may have complained about “The Jeep Wave,” I’m finding there’s no Prius love. At least driving down the streets of Miami. Where’s the Prius love people???

Anyway, the latest downside of Prius ownership is this: one of my buddies who since bought a Prius smelled something funny when he turned his a/c on so he took it in for service. Here’s his service record:

Yep squirrels were making themselves right at home and had made a nest in his Prius.

Personally I thought Toyota City should have comped him on this one as the car is only a year old, he parks it an a garage and maintains it well. But I bet he’ll get his money back when Toyota corporate contacts him to do a commercial on this. If he agrees to do it.

Don’t you think Toyota City should have done this for free? What’s your take on this?


How do you hide your sadness from more than 110,000 people?

I may never trust a Twitter feed again.

As some of you may know, Trey Pennington took his own life earlier today. But where were the signs?

One tweet from yesterday said, “@alexanderlund Thank you. Are you in the UK? I’ll be there Thursday.”

Another said, “@jacoutofthebox Thanks Jackie. Things are great. Speaking schedule picks up big time this week through the end of the year. Yea!”

Here’s one that could have come from any of us: “@JamesAkersJr  Shoot. Sent that last tweet from the wrong account! Rushing to delete!”

And here is his final message via Twitter:

How could someone who seemed to be so social be hiding it so well in plain view of so many? How could he be so connected, so popular yet he couldn’t reach out to any of us in his greatest time of need? I never met Trey, but I followed him and he followed little old me back. It makes me think maybe we aren’t following each other closely enough.

My thoughts are with Trey, his family and the social media community. His close friend Jay Handler kept people informed on his Facebook page.

This is from his Trey’s Twitter Bio and I will leave you with this: Be the HERO! Conquer marketing clutter with story. Be heard. Be shared. I’ll help you discover, develop & deliver your amazing story.


I will not be taking comments on this post that do not provide insight or information on suicide prevention or related resources. The number for the 24 hour National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-TALK. Their website is

Ten years later, can you still hear the beeping?

I do.

We all wondered what that sound was. It is the 95 decibel blare of a PASS device (Personal Alert Safety System).  It means that a firefighter has not moved in 30 seconds. And on that day, most never moved again.

Ten years later, can you remember what raced through your mind when the second plane hit the South Tower at 9:02:59 a.m.?

Ten years later, do you remember people holding hands and jumping, not wanting to take their last 10 second journey alone?

Ten years later, do you remember hearing about a third plane and then a fourth and wondering how many more there could be?

Ten years later, do you remember the sea of people walking around with pictures of their loved ones? Or the never-ending walls of posters?

In the ten years since, have you take inventory of your own loved ones who had passed away before 9/11 and gave thanks that they did not have to see that day? It may be strange, but I have.

Ten years later, we got Osama bin Laden. But on 9/11, they got my high school buddy.

Ten years later, what do remember about 9/11? And what will you never forget?

Please leave more menus on my doorknob!

I used to hate them. All of them.

The doorknob menus, the windshield flyers and the spam IRL that kills trees and stuffs my mailbox. But upon further examination, I’ve come to like them and I know you will as well. I don’t care if this has been done to death. This is still fun because in the business world we have a lot of these:

They deliver:

I never pay irregular prices:

I love these and it looks like they do as well:

Here’s my favorite pasta:

The ingredients are always fresh:

And what’s a good Italian meal without these:

I once learned a lesson from Norman Berry, the Worldwide Creative Director when I was at Ogilvy & Mather, N.Y. He told this short story.

There are two places that sell eggs and they both have signs on the road. One is typeset beautifully and designed to the nines. The other is written in marker on a piece of cardboard and they both say, “FRESH EGGS.” Which one do you think has the fresher eggs? He bet the place with the cardboard sign does.

So I bet the food is pretty good at this place. And I bet I have a typo in here somewhere…