Please leave more menus on my doorknob!

I used to hate them. All of them.

The doorknob menus, the windshield flyers and the spam IRL that kills trees and stuffs my mailbox. But upon further examination, I’ve come to like them and I know you will as well. I don’t care if this has been done to death. This is still fun because in the business world we have a lot of these:

They deliver:

I never pay irregular prices:

I love these and it looks like they do as well:

Here’s my favorite pasta:

The ingredients are always fresh:

And what’s a good Italian meal without these:

I once learned a lesson from Norman Berry, the Worldwide Creative Director when I was at Ogilvy & Mather, N.Y. He told this short story.

There are two places that sell eggs and they both have signs on the road. One is typeset beautifully and designed to the nines. The other is written in marker on a piece of cardboard and they both say, “FRESH EGGS.” Which one do you think has the fresher eggs? He bet the place with the cardboard sign does.

So I bet the food is pretty good at this place. And I bet I have a typo in here somewhere…