How do you hide your sadness from more than 110,000 people?

I may never trust a Twitter feed again.

As some of you may know, Trey Pennington took his own life earlier today. But where were the signs?

One tweet from yesterday said, “@alexanderlund Thank you. Are you in the UK? I’ll be there Thursday.”

Another said, “@jacoutofthebox Thanks Jackie. Things are great. Speaking schedule picks up big time this week through the end of the year. Yea!”

Here’s one that could have come from any of us: “@JamesAkersJr¬† Shoot. Sent that last tweet from the wrong account! Rushing to delete!”

And here is his final message via Twitter:

How could someone who seemed to be so social be hiding it so well in plain view of so many? How could he be so connected, so popular yet he couldn’t reach out to any of us in his greatest time of need? I never met Trey, but I followed him and he followed little old me back. It makes me think maybe we aren’t following each other closely enough.

My thoughts are with Trey, his family and the social media community. His close friend Jay Handler kept people informed on his Facebook page.

This is from his Trey’s Twitter Bio and I will leave you with this: Be the HERO! Conquer marketing clutter with story. Be heard. Be shared. I’ll help you discover, develop & deliver your amazing story.


I will not be taking comments on this post that do not provide insight or information on suicide prevention or related resources. The number for the 24 hour National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-TALK. Their website is