A squirrel’s nest…where?

So after about 15 years of driving Jeeps, I de-Jeeped myself for a Prius.

I knew I’d miss my Jeep and being a card carrying member of the Jeep community, but I thought I’d do my part. While I may not lay down in front of Sequoias when the guys with chainsaws are coming, every little bit helps. Since the de-Jeeping, 3 of my friends have gone on to buy one. Which is cool but at least they could have picked a different color than mine. Oh well.

In the last year and a half, I’ve learned about a few of the downsides of Prius ownership. Like the time I was washing it and some guy comes biking by the house and yells, “Stop wasting water!” Or the lack of Prius comradery. Even though I may have complained about “The Jeep Wave,” I’m finding there’s no Prius love. At least driving down the streets of Miami. Where’s the Prius love people???

Anyway, the latest downside of Prius ownership is this: one of my buddies who since bought a Prius smelled something funny when he turned his a/c on so he took it in for service. Here’s his service record:

Yep squirrels were making themselves right at home and had made a nest in his Prius.

Personally I thought Toyota City should have comped him on this one as the car is only a year old, he parks it an a garage and maintains it well. But I bet he’ll get his money back when Toyota corporate contacts him to do a commercial on this. If he agrees to do it.

Don’t you think Toyota City should have done this for free? What’s your take on this?