What basketball lockout?

As I see it basketball is alive and well.

Drive by any schoolyard, park, rec center or telephone pole with a cut out milk crate as a hoop and you’ll see that it’s game on.

Last Saturday the 11 y/o and under Florida Fire took a grueling and productive 2 1/2 hour workout an an undisclosed location (pics at bottom). And Friday night at Virrick Park in Coconut Grove, FL, 22 players in the 5th and 7th grade brackets lit up the gym at tryouts for the elite Miami City Ballers AAU  team. The crowd went wild when a 7th grader jammed one, but not as loud as when his shot was rejected into the bleachers on the next play. I’m also happy to report that soon to be 10 year old Diego LaMonica had a great tryout.

There happened to be two ex Miami Heat players there, but they were hardly the focus. The focus was where it should have been.

Honestly, I haven’t done thorough homework on what might keep a 2011/12 basketball season from happening. From an economic standpoint, we need this lockout in South Florida just about as much as we need an atomic wedgie.  Without getting all Ben Bernanke on you, the potential fallout just can’t be good. Thousands of livelihoods of all types depend on pro hoops here, right down to the scalpers. And I want to take my son to see his Miami Heat play.

I hope they can figure this all out. But for now, I’m just one father with one kid who is constantly losing pieces of his uniform and not turning his socks right side out before he puts them in the hamper.


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9 Responses to “What basketball lockout?”

  1. Alliance Says:

    I personally have more respect for these kids then i ever will for the pro players, mainy because the kids dont cry over not getting payed an extra million dollars a year, they just want to play the game they love!
    Thanks for the read!

  2. mobikeith Says:

    Does not turning socks right side out really significantly affect the results of the wash?

    • Mike LaMonica Says:

      Hey Keith-

      The net cleaning result is the same. Turning 100 items of clothing right side out would take me about as long as it too to write this post.


      • Rob Says:

        Exactly. It’s the right-siding them out after the wash that is most brutal, though I’m personally considering just folding the wrong way for the older kid.

        But baseball is a different story. The socks have this orange mud on them that needs to be facing outward for a proper wash. I know, I can’t explain why the water can’t penetrate and take care, but it’s one of those unwritten facts.

  3. Rob Says:

    I’m not that big into pro basketball, though I do want these guys to sort things out and play for the reasons you stated.

    I do enjoy basketball at all other levels, though, and particularly enjoy watching the younger kids improve from season to season.

    So 7th graders dunk? Not in central PA where I’m from. It’s a different world down here I guess. Glad to hear Diego had a great tryout. And nice pictures as always!

  4. Desiree Says:

    Mike, I love the pictures!

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